Relationship Expert on Halle Berry’s Reported Move: It’s About Being Selfless, Not Selfish (PHOTOS)

Halle & Olivier's Vacay
Halle packed on PDA during bikini vacation in Spain.
Looks like Halle Berry could be on the move! TMZ says the actress is asking a judge for permission to move to France with Olivier Martinez and her 3-year-old Nahla. In addition, she and Oliver are said to have gotten engaged early this year. 

There’s just one small snag — Nahla’s daddy Gabriel Aubry isn’t cool with the move. Celebuzz relationship expert Rachel Sussman, author of The Breakup Bible, offers her insights about how this could impact their family dynamic.

How could this affect Nahla?
It’s very difficult when parents live on separate continents (or even different states). Consistency is key for raising children and if possible, they need both biological parents in their life to feel secure and not abandoned.

What are the pros and cons of this move?
I can certainly understand anyone’s desire to live where they want to live and to enjoy their life. However, once children are involved, their well being should be put first. If a child’s network is in one place, uprooting them to another city let alone another country can be extremely difficult and even traumatic.

What should Halle consider before moving her family to Europe?
You really do need to honestly weigh the pros and cons with a level head. Because emotion is often what leads the way, let a trusted friend read over a pro/con list. Halle’s happiness does count, but motherhood is often about putting the needs of your child ahead of your own. It’s about being selfless and not selfish. 

Is this legal when going through a custody battle?
My understanding is generally it is not. Where you can and can’t live is often written into a divorce agreement. Most judges won’t allow a parent to take a child permanently out of the country during a divorce.

What action could Gabriel take to prevent this move?
He could take legal action to try to stop her from doing this.

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