Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Which Celebrity He’d Stalk in Real Life

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Radcliffe tells Celebuzz he was scared 'Potter' would never end.
Daniel's Evolution
From tiny Potter tot to grown-up Broadway star.
Daniel Radcliffe gave another – how do we put this lightly? – revealing interview on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, during which he gave host Andy Cohen the rundown on which celebrity he’d stalk and which celeb’s bedroom he’d visit if he could cast an invisibility spell.

The spirited Harry Potter star was surprisingly honest, albeit tongue-in-cheek, when he confessed to wanting to stalk singer Katy Perry.

Of course, that answer should come as no surprise to any fan of Daniel; he recently revealed his crush in an interview last month. (Watch it here.)

As for who he’d spy on, Daniel went for another hottie – actress Scarlett Johansson – though he admits it’s only “because otherwise I reckon I wouldn’t get in there.”