Reader’s Respond! Who’s Hotter: Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Reynolds' Women
Ryan Reynolds' rumored and real romantic connections.
Well, there is no doubt about it, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are two of the hottest men in Hollywood right now but who do the Celebuzz readers think is the hottest of them all?

The readers have spoken, and even though Gosling has been looking sexier than ever these days, Reynolds has been spotted all over NYC this week promoting his new movie Safe House (in theaters Friday, Feb. 10) and seems to be stealing most of your hearts!

Check out our Hot Ryans gallery (Kwanten and Phillippe included) and see what our readers had to say in the comments and on Facebook:

Samantha Weiler- “Reynolds by a long shot”

Lauren-Ashleigh Lowenburg- “Ryan Reynolds without question!”

Diane Browne- “One of he hardest choices! And they both Canadian …maybe meed to move there.
Slight edge for me is Reynolds as i love his personality!!!”

Roxanna Siguenza- “Ryan Reynolds!!!! I don’t know what girls see in gosling..”

Aide Fuentes- “Reynolds!! He has everything:) .. Im not saying gosling isnt handsome but if i had to choose one i would b reynolds in a heart beat :))))”

Diana Dodson- “Thats a toughy cause they are both so dam sexy.”

Gini Hibler- “Love em both but Gosling!”

What do you think, which Ryan really is hotter? Sound off in the comments!