Victoria's Secret Model Kylie Bisutti Leaving Lingerie Modeling Due to Religious Views, Says She'd Do It Again

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Kylie Bisutti is most recognizable for getting her wings as a Victoria's Secret model, but after fulfilling her role with the brand she decided that she no longer wanted to pose in lingerie, citing that she felt convicted to cover up due to her Christian views.

Kylie got the job after participating in a competition to find the next VS model. To her surprise, she won! 

 Celebuzz chatted with the budding 21-year-old model, asking what's next for her in the business, how the Angels reacted to her news and if she could do it all over, would she, as a Christian, compete for the modeling contract again...

Kylie said that she got "a lot of positive support from other models," after she told them that she wanted her body to only be seen by her husband. "A lot of models, not necessarily the Victoria's Secret models that I work with, supported me, and some of them agreed with me that their bodies should be for their husbands, the married ones at least. So it was really exciting that other people felt that way."

When asked what attracted her to the competition in the first place, seeing as she had such strong religious views, Kylie explained that it was her "dream" to be a model and she knew that this was a chance (though she thought it was a slim chance) to catapult her career. "I've been modeling since I was 14, and that was my biggest dream. That's like the top of the top. ... I really didn't think I would win but I did." As for her fondest memory, Kylie said "walking in the runway show."

However, despite her decision to give up the lingerie game, would she do it all again? "Yeah, I definitely ... I would do everything the same if I had to do it all over again. I'm just so thankful. It was because of everything I did that I ended up growing to make this decision, and I'm just thankful for the platform."

So why is she giving it up now? "Basically just reading the Bible more and realizing that I want my marriage to be sacred, those all played roles in it. ... Also ... my little cousin looked up to me and said she wanted to stop eating so she could be as beautiful as me. And just realizing that little girls as early as the age of eight are already thinking like that, and I don't want to be the person that makes them feel that way. I want to be the person that is empowering them."

When asked when she decided she wanted to be a model, she answered simply "since diapers," adding, "Everyone always said I should model." 

Kylie is hoping with this announcement to "impact lives" and show modeling in a more positive and not so sexualized light. "I really just want to continue to model, wearing more wholesome clothes. Making it not about taking off all my clothes and making it about sex." She added that she'd like to work with a brand like Donna Karen. 

What do you think of Kylie's story? Sound off in the comments! 


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  • Clarissa

    Bullshit! Oh come on, that's the most stupid thing i've ever heard... Why women do this to themselves? if my husband will have a problem with the way i lived my life he can go fu*k himself... It just means he loves my body not me...

  • jojobabe

    i mean i get what she sayin, but she not gonna wear a bikini to the beach?........cuz even most 1 piece shows your but legs arms and clevage.....and back

  • Anonymous

    There will be dozens of hotter models to replace this ditz. Dope.

  • mixedsinglecomok

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  • Angela

    Lingerie doesn't have to be looked at in a sexualized light in a BAD way. It can be sexy for the woman themselves by making them feel sexy, it doesn't have to be for the pleasure of another. I'm sure many will disagree, but again it's her decision so good for her.

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  • laura

    she looks REALLY different now... I mean older and thinner :S

  • *S

    I know many people may mock her choice, but that's just it: HER choice. Her body, her decisions, good for her!