Yah or Nay? Lourdes Leon Shaves Her Head! (POLL)

Lourdes Leon Shaved Head
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This is taking celeb "BUZZ" a little too literally! Teen designer Lourdes Leon stepped out with a new style -- a freshly shaved head! Lourdes is on trend with the hipsters with her latest cut, which is buzzed on one side from her ear up to the temple. 

How do you feel about this look? Do you think momma Madonna approves?

The punked out look is a drastic change from her usual hairstyle, but she's hinted that she wanted to change it up before. Her famous mom kept a rule that she couldn't dye her hair until she was 14 (she went darker). Now 15, Lourdes is taking it to the next level! 

If the 'do looks familiar, "Me & U" singer Cassie made the style popular back in 2009.



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  • lol

    she shaved it herself with a leg razor, my friend was there when she did it, it looks gross

  • bck1

    Looks like one of her lil friends did it blindfolded. It's so uneven and tacky looking. What a shame because she has such beautiful hair to begin with. Stay away from the hair and just stick to shavin' that unibrow and mustache, girl!

  • GirlHavingFun

    This is one of those new again trends. We did this back in the 70's until it became passe.

  • Anna Maria Cárcamo
    Anna Maria Cárcamo

    this is tacky and isn't a "latest trend"..people did this like two years ago..

  • kathyC

    She is such a beautiful young girl I hope she doesn't get too far out there. Her Mother was definitely a trend setter but this is rather extreme.

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    I feel dirty just coming here. And that only about 1/8 of a shave head.

  • Lauren Shockley
    Lauren Shockley

    I think the shaved head trend is pretty cool. Credit to the people that have the confidence to pull it off. I wish I could. My favorite shaved head gal is probably Alice Dellal.