The Meet & Greet: Get to Know Nick Carter’s Opening Act Guinevere

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Nick Carter thanks fans in wake of sister's death.
Welcome back to the Celebuzz Meet & Greet, where we talk with rising actors, musicians and entertainers before they hit it big. Watch out for these future A-listers!

Watch out Lady Gaga! A new rising star is hot on your heels!

Guinevere–whose debut video Celebuzz premiered last fall–is a “dark pop” princess with an eclectic sense of style. Last week, the “Crazy, Crazy” singer kicked off her tour with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. On her stop at New York City’s Irving Plaza, Celebuzz chatted with the 21-year-old performer about her first musical memory, favorite fashion designer, and dream collaborations.

First of all, what was it like to work with Nick?

Donning a leather outfit and dark blue feathers, Guinevere gushed about her experience working with the ’90’s boy band member, saying:

” After my first show, he was like ‘ya know, great job.’ I was like ‘oh my gosh, a Backstreet Boy just said that to me!'”

Her stage persona Guinevere is drawn from a deep passion for Arthurian legend and love of music from an early age. In first grade, she entered a talent competition and covered Beach Boys’ “Surfer Girl.” Way cool!

Recently, a brand new season of American Idol hit the air waves. Needless to say, when asked about her desire to ever audition for the show, she expressed her need for creative control. “I really like having all the creative control as an artist. It’s a big risk taking it in this direction. I get to pick the single I want to release. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she confessed.

As a fashion-forward rocker–with strong futuristic influence from Star Trek– she digs Alexander McQueen and draws inspiration for her shows from pop diva’s Beyonce and Gwen Stefani. On dream collaborations, the “Liar” songstress didn’t mention Beyonce, but noted that she would love to work with Robert Plant and Led Zepplin. Well then, she has our vote!

Take a listen to her current single “Crazy, Crazy” and let us know what you think!