Musical Muses! Celebs Who’ve Starred In Music Videos (PHOTOS)

'Last Friday Night' Cameos
See what celebs show up in Katy Perry's new video.
Just because you hold the title of an actor or actress doesn’t mean you have to just star in televison and movies!

Some of Hollywood’s A-List celebrities have starred in some of the biggest music videos. Seeing as this is a musical weekend with the Grammy Awards airing on Sunday, we thought it best to give you a guide of Celebuzz’s favorite music video cameos! 

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Matthew McConaughey is the latest to star in a music video, reprising his Dazed and Confused role for Butch Walker and the Black Widow’s song “Synthesizers.”

This past year Katy Perry had a slew of stars in her video for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”, including Glee’s Daren Criss and Kevin McHale, Rebecca Black, and even Hanson. It was a mini movie that told a story in the course of eight minutes. Katy is just one artist who has used familar faces in her movie-like music video.

Lady Gaga is also another star who has taken the approach more than once. For her “You and I” music video, she had her new boyfriend Taylor Kinney as her muse.

Jamie Foxx’s hit song “Blame It” featured a few famous men. Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker and Ron Howard all made a guest appearances in the video.

Some stars have made more than one music video debut. Angelina Jolie was in Meatloaf’s “Rock and Roll Dreams” in 1993 as well as the 1997 Rolling Stones video for “Anybody Seen My Baby.” Another star who’s appeared in more than one video is Jake Gyllenhaal, who makes a cameo in “Blame It,” and in Vampire Weekend’s “Giving Up The Gun.”

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