Readers Respond: RIP Whitney Houston

Pics from Whitney Houston's Final Days
Whitney Dead at 48
Whitney Houston joins cast for upcoming film called 'Sparkle', November 2010
Whitney Houston passes away. Read More »

Gone too soon. Music diva  Whitney Houston has has been found dead -- and our loyal readers are pouring out their love and support for her. Reaching out via Facebook, readers' reactions look at how the singer affected each of their lives and how she will be deeply missed.

Read fan comments below and keep the comments coming as we remember Whitney.

Donna: RIP Whitney- Prayers to family, friends, music industry and the world who will always love her. What a shame. :(

Adibah: I will always love you :)

Luciana: Since I was 3, I use to sing the songs of Whitney....queens and kings of pop music are now gone....R.I.P

Maribel: This is so so so sad may God give her daughter, and all her family peace beyond understand. This is such a loss. I pray that she is in peace and in Heaven.

Suzanne: Very sad. Another reason why people must say "NO" to drugs. A beautiful, beautiful woman, whose body could no longer take the struggle.

Linda: RIP Whitney lost a great singer God bless her family.

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  • a4424267

    I’ve said that least 4424267 times. SKC was here...

  • a4173366

    I’ve said that least 4173366 times. SKC was here...

  • a5783573

    I’ve said that least 5783573 times. SKC was here...

  • Anvar

    philbill43 I wouldn't mind her prnivog me wrong, but I think the meth and/or coke (whether crack or free-base) smoking has permanently damaged her lungs, if not her vocal cords (with less capacity she can no longer force the volume of air through them needed to hit some of those notes, so it *could* be her throat's still fine and she just needs aerobics and cardio workouts to regain the voice').

  • Iir

    and oh big up on that Masta Ace shout.That EMC video with Eclipse doin' the radio/online-call-in/email shot showin the kid siittn on the computer late at night?? NIIiiiice! It's good to see that them cats is pushin' as a unit for real. I first read about them hookin up, on MySpace a while back just didn't know if it was official. I hope dem niggas git it!

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  • Stookie

    Yuk. Doped up and out of it. Yeah we all have choices. She made hers.

  • Stookie

    Terrible. She looks really doped up. She just completely lost her looks, voice and obviously her mind.

  • Juan

    She look really bad. Why people worship drug users? She die because she use too many drugs. No person to glorify.

  • Len

    Yikes, she looks awful. Really bloated and sweaty. Druggies never die with dignity

  • Donna

    Wow she just looks so bad. A self-destructive person who died a very disgraceful death.

  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson

    A lot of people are commenting on Whitney Houston's personal life as if they knew her. They are all up in her business. The Old African Proverb:Hear All And See All But Tend To What Belongs T o You!

  • vernon

    I really do believe that Whitney was murdered by executives at Arista records because she had become a liability to them no longer able to sing but stll under contract to be paid, people no longer wanted to see her live but preferred her records, unfortunately, record companies cannot make it on the recordings alone, they need public appearances in the form of concerts its the best way of promoting the record and the artist himself. this picture you see was posted on the website: and underneath it the cption read "Is Whitney Houston suicidal?" 2 days later Whitney ends up dead.............. what a coincidence. The person who took the pictures probably wanted to create the illusion or the image that Whitney was suicidal hoping that once they kill her no one would suspect murder but quick to believe it was suicide and the y wold get away with it

  • Sweet T
    Sweet T

    Her body guard Ray Watson he is her sister in law Pat's brother

  • Sweet T
    Sweet T

    Whitney's sister in law and manager

  • Sweet T
    Sweet T

    Well she sure doesn't looked messed up to me.... Kayla you look messed up to me on your picture, but does that mean that you are really messed up....

  • Sweet T
    Sweet T

    People stop always trying to search for negativity in everything. Everyone has their faults...

  • Fuchsia

    It's in two of these photos! I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

  • Maple

    Who is this man beside Whitney?

  • Maple

    Who is this lady in the background?

  • NotEasy

    I agree!!! Whitney u r gone but u will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! Bless

  • NotEasy

    Who the hell said that the cause of her death was drugs and alcohol???? I think it was just her time Gods call!!!!

  • Tam Tam Sukari
    Tam Tam Sukari

    I believe the media contributed big time to her stress level,why on earth dint you give her space???? you took Jackson now you took Her, its time you shape up.they are humans with emotion,Not robots, in the photos it show you were provoking her.

  • msackyb

    people lets just pray for her to Rest In Peace....

  • hodgesae

    sheshe(grammar much)? it makes no difference whether you are famous or not, drugs do bad things to your body, yourself, and cause harm to your family. My statement is based on the fact that she was a "role model"(in the lightest sense of that term) to youth and this is what she portrays outward and in the end these kids see this.

  • Kavere Sharon
    Kavere Sharon

    she had an endless and peerles voice news of her death is so emotional and i will always luv u whitney houston step by step will also meet you there in heaven because our bodies are made of clay her songs were a miracle to many coz they had a message especially to pple at heart and will always hold on to them Rest in Peace

  • sheshe

    Totally disagree with you stating she thought she was invincible. Then why do the average person not in the lime light do drugs? Just because they our individual who posses a talent and have been fortunate to make a career with their skills does not exempt them being human and flawed with weakness. From my understanding most people use drug as a coping mechanism and some people have been blessed to with stand the pressure of life which keeps them from using drugs but that doesn't mean they do not have of addition of some sort!

  • shark

    its so sad ! how a beautiful golden voice in the music world comes to an end ! " WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU WHIT"

  • hodgesae

    karma? come up with something else... yes the drugs and booze are a fact. have you not seen her life in the spotlight? she has been nothing but drugs and booze... her and Bobby brown.

  • hodgesae

    Very well said! Stop making excuses for these people and HELP them if you are all so concerned and in love with them. They are killing themselves and they are portraying this type of behavior to the youth of today! get a grip folks... it is in deed a tragedy that this beautiful talented star wasted her life away for some drugs and booze, but it is what it is. she chose every one of her decisions and now she has reaped what she has sewn just like many before her.

  • c

    So true! I do not understand why everyone is trying to make these photos so tragic. She had a night out and was sweaty. She had her people around her. I think they just caught her mid-phrase or something like that. I have pics like that. Stop it, media!

  • hodgesae

    Kayla1... I agree with you. and klassy, someone needs to say something to get the point across that drugs and alcohol and partying lifestyles are not the "cool" thing to do, b/c you are right, she is dead, and that lifestyle is what got her to that point! karma has nothing to do with anything. This is just another case of a "celebrity" thinking that they are invincible and they are not! It is such a shame that these people are role models for today's youth.

  • elyy


  • Jay

    You all are overlooking the obvious...It is your attitude and denial that led to her death. No one had the nerve to tell her she needed help. She was a drunk, pill popping, crack smoking has been. NO ONE DARED TO HELP HER. Your making excuses for her is exactly what caused her death. No one in her inner circle would stand up and do something... They just deflected with statements such as yours.

  • erica

    rip Whitney my heart goes out to her family her mama and daughter !!!

  • Flora Danes
    Flora Danes

    RIP Whitney Houston Apple's Siri pays Tribute To Whitney Houston Siri Singing "I Will Always Love You" siricrazy . com

  • jordirock

    The media is ridiculous group of money hungry sensationalistic cretins who have no respect for people's pain. She looks like someone who just finished having a great time dancing. There is sweat in her hair and on the front of her dress. There is a video posted that shows more than these brief conjectured moments in time with false captions and she was completely appropriate in her behavior. Thus far all we have is speculation. For her family and the families of all who lose people suddenly this is a heartbreaking moment. Show some respect.

  • Nina

    May God grant you eternal rest through Christ our lord and Saviour, He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide in the shadows of the almighty. Whitney, even though you walk through the valley of death, fear no evil for our Lord Jesus is with you. have ever lasting peace Whitney Houston!

  • klassy60

    You are so right .she can have a bad day to.those who are quick to judge are unhappy there self.

  • klassy60

    Do you know that to be the truth.

  • klassy60

    Very true Rebecca.

  • klassy60

    Well said Cortez

  • klassy60

    you should not judge never know what is in store for you . Karma will get you.

  • klassy60

    Kayla1 so what if she looks mad .she is dead . say nothing if you can not say something nice. say nothing . Karma is not kind.

  • klassy60

    so true

  • Jessica Rene' Hartman
    Jessica Rene' Hartman

    check out the orb next to her head !

  • Kim

    All her photos you keep saying "Looking out of sorts" Can't somebody just enjoy oneself without others scouting for the worst in them? If he hair got messed up may be she danced too much or had one too many a drinks. She too has a right to a bad day and you don't have to capitalise on it. Is that the best you can come up with as a comment for one who is not yet even buried? Damn!

  • Rebecca Huron
    Rebecca Huron

    What a sad loss such a beautiful women a singer who will never be replaced the voice when she sang no matter how you where feeling would bring you joy make you want to sing right along...Solid Gold a true talent just don't understand how ... really feeling sad and hurt ... Prayers and thoughts with her, Jehovah be with her and her family at this time love you Whitney Houston always

  • Goldee Cortez
    Goldee Cortez

    This is how the media honers a very talented beautiful legend! They should be a shamed of themselves!!! Whitney Houston u will forever be my idol..R.I.P you will never be forgotten!

  • Eduardo Gutierrez
    Eduardo Gutierrez

    Drugs robbed her of life and left her destituted. How sad, she was so full of life, had a beautiful strong voice, and so beautiful before drugs robbed her of all that.

  • jimbo2974

    just watched the greatest love of all video what a powerful voice. bobby brown you suck.

  • Eduardo Gutierrez
    Eduardo Gutierrez

    What a shame! Whitney looks so out of it here that I doubt she fully knows where she's at. She even has her hand spread out as if to look for something to grab onto for balance.

  • Pam Lin
    Pam Lin

    Simply gone too soon. I'm in shock right now, I took a nap this afternoon and woke up to a facebook feed full of tragic news. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston. You were a music legend. There will only be one thought tomorrow at the Grammy's and that will be of you.

  • Kayla1

    she looks pretty messed up

  • Anguelina

    I think for her family it's actually the end of the world, it no need to be 21 december. So, people, we all need to stop being so material and superficial, let's go back to the love and the family and friend for real. Love, love and more love. R.I.P Whitney, we will always, always love you. You will never be forgotten.