Remembering Whitney Houston: Her Last Interview With Oprah (VIDEO)

Whitney Dead at 48
Whitney Houston passes away.
Whitney: Her Very Best
A look back at Whitney Houston's best videos.
News of Whitney Houston’s death has shocked the world.

Although the singer tried to make a comeback, her musical talents appeared to be overshadowed by her outrageous behavior and drug use. And it’s difficult to forget her most candid interview to date with talk-show host Oprah Winfrey — where she opened up about her drug use and her tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown.

“I was so weak,” she said simply.

Opening up about her erratic drug use, Whitney revealed she was “lacing marijuana… with rock cocaine.”

Talking to Winfrey about why she took a break from show business, Houston said, “It was too much. So much to try to live up to, to try to be, and I wanted out.”

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