Scarlett Johansson Bikinis with Boyfriend Nate Naylor in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Scarlett Johansson's new beau is a lucky man!

Nate Naylor, a New York City ad exec, was spotted getting hot an heavy with Scarlett on the beaches of Hawaii on Friday. Scarlett was see frolicking in the surf in a skimpy blue bikini as her boyfriend watched by the shore. Although the couple was joined by friends, that didn't stop Scarlett and Nate from packing on the PDA!

Johansson and Naylor first went public when they were spotted holding hands out in New York City in late January. A source close to the couple told People that Scarlett has been seeing Nate for five months now. A rep for the actress has yet to confirm these claims. 

Whatever the case may be, it looks to us like the bodacious blonde is finding success both off and onscreen! Between her new man and work, things are turning up for the starlet. A teaser for The Avengers recently debuted at the Super Bowl and it got us even more excited for the film’s release in May! Check it out below.



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  • Ramp Worm
    Ramp Worm

    Scarlet needs to help with her diet before the cellulite really starts building.. It's about diet and exercise when your in the film industry... Simple but obviously she likes fries..

  • HilShrooj

    I have had cellulite since 16 at a buck 5. Whatever - humans are humans and no one phototouched the pic. Duh.

  • Adam Ben
    Adam Ben

    Oh fatty ass!

  • fartboynyc

    What are talking about? She is so hot and sexy! She looks amazing! Her body is crazy sick hot and her tasty meaty booty looks so yummy in this pic. I would let her farti in my face! YUMMY!

  • Holly Villa
    Holly Villa

    WOW! Now she has a real body unlike all the other celebs that look like walking skeletons!

  • Vanessa Trini Dat
    Vanessa Trini Dat

    clearly some of these stars need to keep clothes off .... i taught she had a hot body....sike

  • drive-by-shooter

    Yes, heaven forbid. Come on, Science, fix this! Go!

  • Meyo

    She looks great.

  • Serge Gal
    Serge Gal

    There is no Scarlett Johansson original exist.

  • pearlysmed

    Haha...he's shoving his ass in that chicks face!!

  • Amanda Dunn
    Amanda Dunn

    Because heaven forbid a woman in excellent shape (and one of the most envied bodies in Hollywood) still has cellulite, right?

  • dave1001

    Scarlett's tits are looking excellent here!

  • Katie

    i bet that both justaguy and amanda look PERFECT in abikini too, correct? i bet NEITHER of you look ideal in a bathing suit. you're both rude. she looks great and is a REAL woman, not some twig that doesn't eat. grow up.

  • Amanda

    not the most flattering picture >.<

  • justaguy

    She is really hot from the waste up...below the waist not so much