Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Console Clive Davis Following Whitney Houston's Death (PHOTOS)

Whitney Dead at 48
Whitney Houston joins cast for upcoming film called 'Sparkle', November 2010
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Hollywood was shook up when news broke that legendary singer Whitney Houston had passed away on Saturday afternoon. Guests of Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party was especially affected as many attendees looked up to Houston as a musical icon.

Songstress Alicia Keys and her husband, Swizz Beatz, immediately came to party host's side following the tragic news. The couple was seen embracing Davis in a tender moment before entering the party. Once inside, Alicia jumped on the piano and performed a tiny rendition of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" to pay respect to the late great singer.

Many party guests were certainly grief-stricken over Houston's death, but Richard Branson told reporters that Whitney would've wanted the party to go on despite the tragic news that broke just hours before the festivities. 

"It was touch and go whether the show would go on, it was decided that Whitney would want the show to go on and we'll still have a nice celebration of her life."

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  • ldl

    Love Alicia. @Dmt, You can't save someone if they don't want to be saved. All the talking in the world won't save them if they truly don't want to save theirself. Also unless you have the power to overide what that person thinks they want, you are absoulutely helpless.

  • Dmt

    It is very sad when anyone is overcome by their demons and leaves this world too soon... But the reality: the death of Whitney Houston is not that shocking. She suffered from addictions complicated by other things I'm sure. Most importantly though, and unlike most addicts and those suffering from depression, anxiety, etc., she HAD resources whether financial, or the willingness of friends and family to get her the BEST treatment she or they could buy! She very likely could have been admitted anywhere based solely on her celebrity... But as far as I know, for years she languished in addiction. No one, whether friend or family intervened in a manner that made any real recovery plausible. She was sick, but unlike Jane Doe addict in parts unknown U.S.A or anywhere else, she could have been "saved ." the choice was hers. I am sad for her girl. Another kid who will go the majority of her life without her momma... But not for a woman who had the world at her feet and made choices that were most convenient for her... And the people that didn't step in sooner, put their feet down and make it so she HAD to get her shit together, take responsibility for your complacency.