Gone Too Soon: Whitney Houston Tops Music Charts in Wake of Her Death (PHOTOS)

Whitney: Her Very Best
A look back at Whitney Houston's best videos.
Proving that she was — and will always will be — one of music’s greatest icons, Whitney Houston has posthumously topped the charts following the wake of her tragic death. Houston, who passed away this Saturday, had a number of hits in her lifetime including the current iTunes’ chart-topper, “I Will Always Love You.” 

Many Hollywood celebs have stepped forward to express their sorrows, commenting that the songstress had died far too young. Houston was only 48 when she passed.

According to recent reports, Houston’s body was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. The singer was allegedly in possession of prescription pills such as Xanex. Her autopsy is scheduled for Sunday (Feb. 12). The word is still out if Whitney’s death was caused by an overdose or if she had died from other causes.

Like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and Heath Ledger, Whitney is one of the many celebrities who have tragically passed on too soon. Fans and friends alike will sorely miss this great music icon.