Jennifer Hudson Breaks Down During Whitney Houston Tribute Performance (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Just one day after it was revealed that Whitney Houston passed away, Jennifer Hudson held back the tears to perform on the 2012 Grammy Awards stage in an unbelievable rendition of the singer's hit "I Will Always Love You."

Wearing a stunning black gown, JHud belted out the lyrics as photos of Whitney splashed across the screen behind her. Towards the end of the song, Jennifer changed the words to "we will always love you."

"I Will Always Love You" became the No. 1 hit on the iTunes chart on Sunday following news of the singer's death. 

Whitney's legend lived on at the Grammy Awards, with host LL Cool J saying a prayer for the singer at the start of the show. Alicia Keys also acknowledged Whitney as well as did a slew of other stars on the red carpet. 

The singer passed away Saturday night in her Beverly Hilton hotel room in Beverly Hills, Calif. She was 48.



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  • Gunny King
    Gunny King


  • casey oneill
    casey oneill

    i cried when i heard this rendition i loved it what a song choice she did fabulous

  • Steve Wood
    Steve Wood

    "Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell." William Shakespeare, Macbeth IV, iii, 22. Whitney Houston's light shined brightest. Her golden voice, stunning countenance and transcendent spirit were Gifts from on High for all the Ages. Curse thee Dark Spirit of addiction back to the Pit of Hell from whence thou camest to take our Angel from us. She now is safe with Him in Whom she trusted. She knows Peace. Cursed Evil One, you have lost her and so have we, but her songs remain to show us the way, brighten our lives and lighten our souls. Indeed, we will Always Love you, Ms. Whitney.

  • Flora Danes
    Flora Danes

    RIP Whitney Houston Apple's Siri pays Tribute To Whitney Houston Siri Singing "I Will Always Love You" siricrazy . com

  • Charmaine Goodwill
    Charmaine Goodwill

    i think jennifer did great...far better than i even imagined...she kept it was beautifully done...whitney would have been proud

  • dee dee
    dee dee

    Beautiful tribute. It is amazing how people always try to look at the negative before they pull something out thats POSITIVE. Rest in peace Whitney your journey on earth is over.....

  • Sandi

    What a disgusting comment. With a mouth like that...i doubt if you ever listen to beautiful music...probably listen to the rap crap just like what comes out of your mouth and brain. The beauty of her voice should never be wasted on your ears.

  • RebeccaW

    You have to start low or you'll never make it through the song. The range is impossible for most singers. It was an amazing tribute to a beautiful, pure voice that was silenced too soon.

  • brandon

    have you heard mariah lately? she is almost a bass. anytime you hear those high notes in her songs...they were recorded when she made her first record and catalogued. they have been used in songs since then but you'll never hear them live because she couldn't dream of hitting those notes today.

  • brandon

    you need to check your tv or your cable provider then because she covered that song beautifully. i'm not a big fan of hudson's, but i'm also not going to ignore or deny the obvious, that her version was impeccably sung. i wouldn't have touched that song with a 10 ft pole. many seasoned performers wouldn't either. the fact that she did choose it and did such a fabulous job of singing it with virtually no notice, speaks volumes of her professionalism, integrity, and her character. not to mention her ability and talent.

  • cindyp

    I tried to hold the tears back but @ the end it was just too much...Jennifer did an amazing job & she is incredibly strong person for all that she herself had to endure over the last few years...Bravo for the "spot on" performance & on a monment's notice...I can only imagine how much sorrow she was feeling during this heart goes out to both of them, Whitney's daughter, Mother, family, friends & of course us fans! <3

  • Kimmy

    Beautiful Song REST EASY WHITNEY xox

  • Jamie-Lee Ymcmb Ortiz
    Jamie-Lee Ymcmb Ortiz

    All i can say is WOW. JHUD is absolutely amazing and brought tears to my eyes. ♥

  • Lapisblue

    She sang beautifully for her friend. She was not trying to imitate her, just to give her homage.

  • Patricia Mattie
    Patricia Mattie

    i think mirah carey would of been a better choice ...better voice for that song thats for sure .. jennifer hudsons voice is too deep

  • Andrea Jones Torres
    Andrea Jones Torres

    MY GOD, I had to mute it. What a poor choice for someone to sing that song. Hudson's sounded like a foghorn. fuck me