‘Top Model’ Judge Miss Jay Alexander Dishes on Outrageous Grammy Fashion

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Ever since Lady Gaga arrived to the Grammy Awards in an egg, celebrities have been trying to top the singer’s outlandish red carpet arrivals. With all eyes on the red carpet fashion, there isn’t much room for a faux pas.

Celebuzz caught up with former America’s Next Top Model judge Jay Alexander during NY Fashion Week, and he was more than willing to dish his opinion about red carpet Grammy fashion. “The key is to be comfortable in your own skin and own the look you’re wearing,” Miss Jay told us. “If you’re even a little self conscious about an outrageous look, it’ll never work!”

So which musical stars is he waiting to critique?

“They know who they are,” he slyly said, refusing to drop any names. 

With Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj always stepping out in outrageous fashion, we’ll have to see who tops the hot and not lists! Which celebs do you think will rule the red carpet? Sound off in the comments and look through last year’s Grammy fashion misses.