Whitney Houston Talks ‘Sparkle’ in One of Her Final Interviews (VIDEO)

Whitney Dead at 48
Whitney Houston passes away.
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Before her untimely death this Saturday, Whitney Houston was hard at work on her new film, Sparkle. Houston was attached to the project since 2001 and made the mutual decision with producers to halt production when their choice lead actress, R&B star Aaliyah, had passed away. Whitney returned to the project soon after American Idol winner Jordin Sparks was casted.

In one of her final interviews, Whitney sat down to dish on the upcoming 1976 remake of the same name. 

“God has his own time,” Whitney explained to The Insider about the project’s lengthy hiatus. 

“[Jordin’s] just really, just perfect,” Whitney raved about her co-star. “She’s truly, truly embraced the role and doing such a marvelous job and just putting herself into it and just her voice is gorgeous.”

Soon after Whitney’s death, a spokesperson for Sony said in a statement to CNN that the film will be released in August 2012. The rep added, “Like all those who knew and loved her, we are shocked and saddened and the world has lost an incomparable talent. Right now our thoughts are with her daughter, her family and her friends.”

The film also stars as House actor Omar Epps. Houston will appear in the film as Spark’s mother.