Bing Originals: Wiz Khalifa (VIDEO)

The Grammys may be over, but Wiz Khalifa's rise to the top has only just begun!

Wiz released his debut album, Show and Prove, in 2006. He is best known for his song "Black and Yellow," which was featured on his album Rolling Papers, which was released on March 29, 2011.

Get to know the rapper in this Bing original video!

Wiz is dating model Amber Rose, who sat down with Celebuzz for our Celebrity Mailbag -- where stars answer the questions YOU submit! 

She talked about her relationship with the performer -- and making babies! 



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  • hillunderwood

    love wiz and love this vid - such a cool cat

  • Megan Reynolds
    Megan Reynolds

    Work, Wiz. WERK.

  • Chris Gick
    Chris Gick

    Wiz cooks a mean omelet. Sweet vid...

  • Caras Taylor
    Caras Taylor

    What up WIZ! Keep it up...

  • Patricia Gopez
    Patricia Gopez

    i think amber and wiz make an adorbs couple. would love to see them collabo on a track!

  • walter morton
    walter morton

    COUNT me in! Off to the WIZ, the wonderful WIZ of Bing. Yellow BrickING

  • Jason B.
    Jason B.

    You can tell Wiz really loves what he does. It gives his music so much more meaning! Love it!

  • Clement Chan
    Clement Chan

    Every day i'm hustlING - WTG Wiz!

  • Jana Massey
    Jana Massey

    gettin the hang of Wiz!...great vid, love his track too

  • Jackals

    Love him and Amber!

  • Janet Williams
    Janet Williams

    He is amazing!! Love the song...

  • Aisling McDonagh
    Aisling McDonagh

    Love me some Wiz. Cool to get more info on him like this. Thx BIIIIIIIIINGGGGGG :D

  • kablooie38

    i love wiz! <3

  • Bree McGuire
    Bree McGuire

    I wouldn't be mad if Wiz Khalifa made me breakfast

  • Rob McLoughlin
    Rob McLoughlin

    Gorgeous video!

  • kestrada27

    I love - "gotta wake up like it's day 1." HELL YA WIZ! inspirational dude. that vid gave me the chills in a good way!

  • Matthew Wardenaar
    Matthew Wardenaar

    Awesome little piece on Wiz

  • Kate Newnham
    Kate Newnham

    Wiz is so rad!

  • coachgeorge

    Fo shizzle Wizzle

  • CourtneyCute

    I am so jealous of Amber Rose! I freaking adore Wiz

  • McKinley Williamson
    McKinley Williamson

    i love Wiz!

  • Jenn Layton
    Jenn Layton

    Well done video, like his tattoos too!

  • thefutureisgolden

    I love Amber Rose! I love her advice on staying in shape, "just dance in your room" lol

  • pamlin

    wow, I didn't know amber rose was dating Wiz. cool video

  • Katherine

    Wiz actually seems like a pretty cool guy