Exclusive Pic: Darren Criss & Tim Tebow Hang Out at Ciroc's Pre-Grammy Awards Party


New BFF alert?

While attending CAA and Ciroc's pre-Grammy Awards party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in LA on Saturday night, Glee star Darren Criss ran into Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, and the handsome fellas posed for a snapshot. Both looked like total studs, as Darren was in a three piece suit (love the red shirt!) while Tim ditched the tie and went with a pin striped number.

How amazing would it be if these two were besties? We bet Darren could teach Tim a thing or two about dancing!

Celebuzz broke the news last week that the 24-year-old football player would consider doing Dancing With the Stars in "maybe" a year.

What do you think about these two hanging out? Sound off in the comments!
Tebow on 'DWTS'?
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  • historybuff

    Both the Republican and the Democratic Parties have done an about turn since the Civil War. The Republican Party couldn't be more different from Lincoln's party whereas Obama and co definitely resemble Lincoln more than Romney and Ryan do.

  • jezzer

    How does that give the Republican Party a pass for being rich white bigots NOW?

  • jezzer

    "Inbred" and "piece of manure" are unfair, but I'll let you have "ignorant" and give you a pass on "hick." Tebow probably spent the rest of the party praying the cooties away because he stood so close to someone who plays a gay character on tv.

  • java200

    The irony of these two being besties. Criss, of Filipino ancestry. Tebow, mighty circumsizer of little Filipino boys in his downtime.... Criss should be very, very nervous.

  • Haleiwa Holly
    Haleiwa Holly

    Of course they could be besties, and why not? They both have frequented Jollibee. Sweet spaghetti, anyone?

  • Beckie Agudo
    Beckie Agudo

    I bet Darren knew Tebow was born here in the Philippines and spent a lot of time doing his missionary work, I even bet he speak better Filipino that him coz most of missionaries here are bound to learn the language Darren I think is more exposed to Visayan dialect coz his mommy is a Cebuana.

  • MikesterSTLMO

    It's truly disturbing that misguided bitter idiots like you actually do exist. Like "San Francisco-raised, liberal, educated, and agnostic" are admirable adjectives LOL. Here's two (adjectives) for you; arrogant asshole.

  • Becky Plummer
    Becky Plummer

    "educated" and "agnostic" don't even go together in my world. AND i live in the South; yeah, the South where the KKK was founded by the Democratic Party. SILENT MAJORITY and we are tired of you liberal, lying bull&&&t. Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act AND freed the slaves. Look it up.

  • oilman

    I'm sure his business manager held a gun to his head to make him pose for those pictures. Man you are a piece of work and a moron to boot.

  • oilman

    Why must libs like you spew such hate for people that pose no threat to you and furthermore would do anything to help you if you needed it? You are the incarnate manifestation of evil. I would venture to say this: your perception of your intellect and your actual intellect are probably as far apart as you and I are culturally. Yes, you pathetic evil person, I am one of those pieces of manure that you so eloquently describe in your sickening diatribe.

  • Jerome

    Vampicorn sounds like you may be too familiar with this scenario, could that be you that your desribing, scam bag?!

  • vampicorn

    Hmm let's see, Darren is an educated, agnostic, San Francisco-raised liberal, and Tim Tebow is an inbred ignorant hick piece of middle America manure. Yeah I'm sure they're totally "besties!" Gag. You got paid to write this? What was Darren's publicist even thinking letting this happen?

  • Jay Chaplin
    Jay Chaplin

    The red shirt looks like crap.... could have found two more over exposed people ?