‘Hunger Games’ Book Club– Chapter 19 (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to our 100 Days of Hunger Games book club! Today we bring you chapter 19 and things are getting even more interesting in the arena if possible.

The Gamemakers just made a rule change: there can be two winners of the Hunger Games if the last two tributes are from the same district so Katniss goes off to find Peeta!

Looks like the star crossed lovers angle is working after all? Katniss finds him and Peeta is badly wounded. Katniss tries to nurse him back to health as they hide out for a bit in a cave in what is sure to be one of the most anticipated scenes of the movie! Josh agrees with that, by the way.

Thanks to all of the awesome fans out there who created some amazing videos and art!

Missed chapter 18?  No problem! Check it out below:

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