Lindsay Lohan Wears Bold Black Frames At LAX (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan made another bold fashion choice as she made her way through LAX airport Sunday afternoon.

The troubled starlet donned a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses at the airport - arguably her riskiest look since she showed off her platinum blonde bangs last week at an event in New York City.

Are Lindsay's glasses easy on the eyes? Or did she take too big of a risk?

Sound off in the comments, then check out other celebrities who wear glasses in our gallery!



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  • Leticia

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  • Bunga

    Kim & Kris Marriage is a fraud she just using him to have a child she not fooling me, I swear u'd think she was the yoengust Kardashian .she lives her life through Khloe & Kourtney!!

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed

    She's probably thinking that those glasses will make her look smart. Idiot. BTW, she's starting to look like Donatella Versace's older sister.

  • Heather Deatherage
    Heather Deatherage

    she looks horrible

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Not a fan of that look on her...

  • Kelly Cheryl
    Kelly Cheryl

    Absolutely no sense of style, nor sense of character.

  • shark

    oh i haven't noticed it was her ! maybe that's her plan so nobody recognize her !