Readers Respond: What Did You Think Of Nicki Minaj’s 2012 Grammy Performance? (PHOTOS)

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Well, Nicki Minaj sure did shock fans and viewers with her 2012 Grammy Awards performance on Sunday night. She seemed to be taking a tip or two from Lady Gaga’s past outrageous onstage moments.

Nicki channeled her alter ego Roman while belting out her new song “Roman Holiday.”  What was the craziest part of the performance? We vote the onstage exorcism!

Re-watch Nicki’s “Roman” rendition and see what our readers had to say in the comments and on Facebook:

Whouwit Wesley Smitty- “Hey Nicki Minaj; People will not understand, but we all have untapped resources that you are definitely exploring and trying to figure this out… and lady gaga has hers as well. Yes, closer. Work with that last, Darling “Nicki”. lol> Take care and stay wonderful… One day!”

Alexandria Jenks- “No way! She’s weird just like gaga. they both gotta go!!”

Kelsey Harwood- “I love Nicki but u feel like she could of done way better!!”

Mary Stahlheber- “wtf was that? I couldn’t make it through it. She’s as scary as Gags. Don’t know how they can call that stupid stuff music!!”

Jaqueline Camacho- “It was horrible …. terrible song and choreography … everything went terribly wrong… Sorry nikki but this was bad, really bad :/”

Monica Herrera- “DISLIKE her performance .. looks like she was making fun of catholics and the way how priest’s are. It’s my opinion of how I saw it…”

Julia Rodriguez- “No didn’t like the performance, as a catholic I found it disrespectful and distasteful. So glad I sent my kids to bed before they could see it.”

Megan Lewis- “not catholic but I fond it distasteful and just TOO much…I could barely understand what she was saying anyways…she went past too far.”

Holly Waldo- “Almost was like she was tryin to out due Madonna n gaga cuz those 2 r the ones who can usually pull this off …… Didn’t really like it really didn’t get it.”

Cosette Cosie Clayvon- ?”& just when I thought no one could “out weird” Gaga..Here comes Nicki on stage acting like a damn fool?! and this is what some ppl call music? WTF.”

Emily Enslow- “Like Nicki, hated the performance.”

Tati Diaz- “omg i thought she knew better than being a psycho…maybe she’s been around gaga lately…i LOVED nicki, past tense.”

Shelly Harp-Greer- “Cannot believe they let that on the show…evil…children were watching the show….should have not let that on.”

What did you think about Nicki Minaj’s stage show? Did she go too far? Sound off in the comments!

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