Relationship Expert Offers Valentine's Day Advice to Single Celebrity Ladies! (PHOTOS)

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The time has come for the most romantic holiday of the year -- Valentine's Day!

As many couples start making plans, there are still some single ladies who haven't quite found that special someone. If that sounds like you, no worries! There's a handful of gorgeous celebrity ladies who are also living the single life. Celebuzz brings in relationship expert and Author of The Breakup Bible, Rachel A. Sussman to answer questions about celebrity dating pros and cons, tips for celebrities looking for a mate and advice about finding love! Check out the gallery of single ladies and see what Rachel had to say!

Whether it's a bad break-up, crazy work schedules, big personalities or just not the right time, we know it's difficult to date in the Hollywood world.  We asked Rachel to give us her insight about single celebrity ladies love lives.

As a celebrity, what are the benefits and disadvantages when trying to meet a mate?

Everyone thinks that celebrities have it so easy when it comes to love, and that's not always the case. The benefits are that celebrities are generally fine-looking and therefore they don't have much trouble attracting others. They are out and about when promoting a project, and this is a good thing because love rarely comes knocking when you're home in your PJs. The disadvantages are that many celebrities have trust issues and think others may want to be in a relationship with them because of their fame. Also, when shooting a movie on set or being out on tour, that may take them out of the dating pool for months at a time.

What tips do you have for celebrity women when looking for love?

Celebrities should be open to dating others who are not celebrities. They should be open to finding a "regular" person to date. Look at Oprah and Julia Roberts -- who are in long-term relationships with men who are not famous. I'd also say keep an open mind when dating and remember the wider the net you cast, the more fish you catch.

What are the pros and cons of being a single celebrity?

There are many pros to being single for anyone. You can be selfish and look out for yourself. You can plan your own schedule and see your friends or travel whenever you want. I think the cons are that you can get lonely at times.  People tend to be happiest when they are in love or in a relationship with someone who is watching their back.

Take a look at these single female stars and tell us what sort of person would be right for them:

Cameron Diaz : Cameron is a sporty girl with a zest for life. I see her with someone who is athletic, active, and who equally enjoys a good time. However, she may benefit by dating a guy who has some left brain logic who can take her down a few notches if her zest gets too zany.

 Kelly Clarkson: Even with her celebrity, Clarkson seems like a sensible hometown girl. She appears bubbly yet grounded. I can see her with a handsome man from humble origins who is confident enough to handle her success. Let's hope he loves music too.           

Demi Moore: Demi may have some trust issues coming off of her devastating split from Ashton and for good reason. I'd love to see her with a regular guy next time around. Her next beau should be grounded, strong, and confident - as opposed to egotistical. He should also be a mature and honest person who understands the contract that comes along with a committed relationship.

Demi Lovato: Since Demi has reportedly been in rehab multiple times, her next boyfriend cannot be a partier. She needs a more stable boyfriend -- someone to nurture her and help her make good decisions.

And finally, what advice do you have for all the single ladies out there, famous and non-famous when it comes to finding love?

Stay optimistic! If you want to find love one day, you will. Go on lots of dates and have fun with it. In the meanwhile, enjoy being single. Some of my very best memories are from when I was single and could come and go as I pleased.



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