The Latest on Whitney Houston: Funeral Plans in Jersey, Arriving by Private Jet

Celebuzz has all the latest on Whitney Houston following her untimely death this past Saturday.

According to various sources, her funeral is to take place later this week in Newark, N.J. NBC reports that Whigham Funeral Home is handling the funeral. It is also noted in that Whitney has always remained close with the community where she was born. Whitney began singing with the choir at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark.

“The Houston family means a lot to this community, they have done a lot for this community, and being there for them is the best thing we can do as a community today,” church patron Shawn Cooper told the news outlet. 

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Whitney’s body currently is on its way to the airport, where she will be taken by private jet to her hometown. Sources say Tyler Perry offered up his personal plane for the family to use. He reportedly “rushed to the L.A. hospital Saturday as soon as he heard about Whitney’s death.” 

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