Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd to GQ: ‘We’ve Kissed for Years’

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Jennifer Aniston and her longtime buddy Paul Rudd are gearing up to return to the big screen together after almost 14 years!

It was back in 1998 when they first teamed up in the romantic comedy The Object of My Affection.

This time around they star in the comedy Wanderlust as a recently unemployed married couple who flee the big city and head to a rural community where free love rules!

In the March issue of GQ Magazine, Aniston and Rudd sit down to discuss their long-time friendship, marriage, and the Jen pregnancy rumor mill.

In the interview,  it is revealed that they met as young actors in Hollywood when they were both 21, and have remained friends ever since!

When asked about the awkwardness of kissing an old friend, Jen brushes it off saying, “Nah, we’ve kissed for years”.  To this Rudd responds, “Yeah, we’ve made out for decades.”

Jen also reveals her excitement about being out of her thirties.  She joyfully states, “forties are great!”

She also addresses those pesky pregnancy rumors that she can’t seem to escape, saying, “I’m not having triplets. Not having twins. Nor am I having one baby.” 

The March issue of GQ, which features an amazing photo shoot by famed photographer Terry Richardson, hits stands on February 14.

Wanderlust opens on the big screen February 24, and also stars Jen’s real-life boyfriend Justin Theroux.

Are you excited to see Paul and Jen back in action?  Let us know in the comments!