Kendall Jenner: Rent the Runway’s Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Shop

Yesterday I stopped by the first ever Rent the Runway Valentine’s Day pop up store at The Andaz hotel! If you haven’t heard about Rent the Runway, they are an amazing service that allows you to rent gorgeous dresses and accessories for a night out or a special event!! How cool? Right now they have over 25,000 dresses and 4,000 accessories! It was such a fun event!


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  • Francisco Alejandro Viana Canizalez
    Francisco Alejandro Viana Canizalez

    que linda esta Kendall

  • Rico Mejias
    Rico Mejias

    ....Uh-hhh, now that I see you got him 3 balloons, better make THAT: 100-Lb. weights for "The Masonator"!!!! LOL!!!

  • Rico Mejias
    Rico Mejias

    I sure hope you purchased 50-Lb. weights to hold Mase down before he grabs hold of the balloon's ribbon!!! *smile*

  • Rico Mejias
    Rico Mejias

    Bellisima!!! Can't wait to see you in your first major motion picture!! Good Luck, Kitten...♥

  • Tashaa

    Mason's her nephew lol

  • DRK

    Is Mason her bf? He's a luch dude she's hot

  • Maddie

    Shes turning into such a beautiful young lady. Her looks resemble a lot her Kardashian sisters