Rose McGowan Dating New Guy, Reveals Her Favorite Valentine's Day Memory

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Rose McGowan won't be spending Valentine's Day alone this year. The Pastor's Wife actress revealed to Celebuzz that she recently "met a new guy" but is taking it slow. Although she refused to name her new beau, Rose gushed about the mystery man, revealing, "He's hilarious."

The two will be spending V-Day together, but Rose admits she has been so busy working that time slipped by, and now she's "under the gun" to get something for her new boyfriend. "I can't believe I forgot that it was Valentine's Day!"

So what's the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for her?

Rose, who has dated musician Marilyn Manson and director Robert Rodriguez, revealed:

"One guy I was with rented a private plane for a week and took me to a new place every two days. The entire time, I didn't know where we were going."

While at the Donna Karan / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week fashion show, Rose also opened up about fashion, admitting, "I tend to favor menswear, actually. It makes me feel more powerful."

And what's the one item she can't leave the house without? "Lipstick. It is the one thing I'd need -- even on a desert island," she said.



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