Taylor Swift: I Won't Be Dancing Around in My Bra to Prove My Womanhood (VIDEO)

This morning, Taylor Swift, 22, sat down with Today correspondent Jenna Bush Hager to promote her upcoming film, The Lorax--in which she plays tree-obsessed Audrey-- and talked about growing up in the spotlight.

The pop sensation opened up noting that she will never have that moment where she has to prove her womanhood, even poking fun at other artists, like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, who have felt the need to break out of their molds.

"I’m never gonna have the moment where I’m like, I'm a woman now, guys. I'm only gonna write dark songs and I'm gonna dance in my bra all the time. That's not really me."

Taylor continued: "I find that 22 is an age where a lot of times artists are like 'I'm a woman now, guys.' I don't know. I feel like it should happen naturally for me"

As we all know, the "Love Story" songstress pulls her musical inspiration from her everyday life. She began penning her own songs at a very young age, and now that she's a woman, she hopes her songwriting sees a natural evolution.

"To be inspired to write music, you have to have a life to write about," Swift details about her adventurous life.

Check out her interview above and let you us know in the comments if you think Taylor is the perfect role model.



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  • Davenport

    Yeah but she has a killer a$$ so it would still be an awesome sight to behold. good for her for resisting though.

  • Lily

    I completely agree. I actually always thought along those lines - if she was in college, she would idk, be more normal. I doubt she'd be a different person and go crazy, but it wouldn't be like she has to behave a certain way to people. It's like instead of stardom pushing her the slutty way, it's still pushed her in a way that's still disingenuous. livesinafairytale - That's exactly what she's doing. Because society and her fan group believe she's supposed to be totally good and a role model - she's conforming. It's still a way of conforming. I honestly thought she was great in her debut album era. It was, idk, like she was truly a next door girl and she was more relate able. She just isn't anymore...

  • livesinafairytale

    This isn't made to be hate of any kind, but what Taylor's saying is that she's not about to start dressing slutty or making bad choices because she's a role model. She doesn't want to encourage all her fans to do bad things, so she's not about to start doing them. It's not about conforming to society's beliefs of what she should or should not do. It's that she believes it's not being a good role model to young fans if she dances around in a bra on stage or does drugs, etc.

  • Mike

    Taylor is great. She is one of a kind in the music industry.

  • Super

    I know I'm probably going to get angry Taylor fan hate from this, but I'll say it anyway. There's nothing wrong with refraining from alcohol, drugs, and being sexualized. That's a great thing. I just hate her reasoning. I'm not talking about this quote in particular. I remember once hearing her say she doesn't do these things because young girls look up to her. What? I hated that because she's saying that JUST because society wants her to conform to this idea she does that. It's really refreshing to see her not being a slut. I hate her saying "because look up to me". Just because people look up to you, do you really have to act a certain way? She probably wouldn't do those things if she wasn't famous. But she should simply say "I won't do that because I don't want to" not "because people look up to me". That's like saying "I'll just be whatever everyone wants me to be". I don't know if it's just me, but...I don't like her much. I know that a lot of people would argue "then why are you reading stuff about her?". I usually never, I swear, but it's not like I'm leaving hateful comments. Since I don't like her I rarely read anything, watch anything, etc. Though I'm not being a bitch about it, I'm sure someone is going to take this offensively...

  • candy

    Good for her. I like that she's different from the other young Hollywood girls who try so hard to prove they are sexy and grown up. Being different is good. Now, if she'll just stay away from the alcohol and drugs that so many young stars get caught up in, she'll be okay.

  • CJ

    Is there something wrong with Jenna Bush? Either she's had a stroke or she's channeling Peter Brady: "Porkchopsh and appleshaush." Can they please get a real reporter instead of this talentless ex joke of a president's daughter??

  • Gop

    she's not going to dance around cuz she is flat chested