Taylor Swift: I Won’t Be Dancing Around in My Bra to Prove My Womanhood (VIDEO)

Swift's Surprised Face!
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T-Swift Rocks Italy
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This morning, Taylor Swift, 22, sat down with Today correspondent Jenna Bush Hager to promote her upcoming film, The Lorax–in which she plays tree-obsessed Audrey– and talked about growing up in the spotlight.

The pop sensation opened up noting that she will never have that moment where she has to prove her womanhood, even poking fun at other artists, like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, who have felt the need to break out of their molds.

“I’m never gonna have the moment where I’m like, I’m a woman now, guys. I’m only gonna write dark songs and I’m gonna dance in my bra all the time. That’s not really me.”

Taylor continued: “I find that 22 is an age where a lot of times artists are like ‘I’m a woman now, guys.’ I don’t know. I feel like it should happen naturally for me”

As we all know, the “Love Story” songstress pulls her musical inspiration from her everyday life. She began penning her own songs at a very young age, and now that she’s a woman, she hopes her songwriting sees a natural evolution.

“To be inspired to write music, you have to have a life to write about,” Swift details about her adventurous life.

Check out her interview above and let you us know in the comments if you think Taylor is the perfect role model.

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