Bikini-Clad Courtney Stodden & Hubby Doug Hutchison Show Serious PDA On Valentine's Day (PHOTOS)

Looks like these two lovebirds spent most of their Valentine's Day in front of a camera --  would you expect anything less?

This February 14 marked Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison's first Valentine's Day as a married couple, and they celebrated by recreating the famous spaghetti scene from Disney's Lady and the Tramp, as well as showing off plenty of PDA on a yacht. Naturally, the cameras were there to catch the couples' over-the-top lovefest.

All the cheesy V-Day accoutrements were in place such as rose petals and strawberries, but don't expect to see any champagne -- Courtney is only 17 years old after all.

Courtney tweeted a bit about their V-Day activities, writing:

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery above and for more Stodden's ridiculousness, click the pics below.

What do you think of their PDA-fest? Too much? Sound off in the comments!


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  • gross

    I would love to track down whoever told her that stupid puckered lip facial expression was sexy and smack them! it just makes her look like a dazed and slightly slow fish

  • Pet

    Weird...just weird.

  • Angie Frazier
    Angie Frazier


  • Daniel Gaunt
    Daniel Gaunt

    In the pic where he is holding up a strawbeyy it looks like he is teaching a dog to jump, and you can see her snatch. If he was old enough to be her Dad that would be wrong and should be illegal, but he could be her grand-dad. Any age-gap above 15 years should be illegal, these have a 35 year gap! Imagine if it was reversed and she was 35 years older than him, he must think it would be normal for himself to date an 86 year old! If it was my daughter anyone over 20 there would be serious questioning as to why they want to be with an hormonal teen and anyone over 30 would regret trying anything on with her.

  • stiff neck
    stiff neck

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  • Kathleen Libby
    Kathleen Libby

    Oh girl. She is like something out of the early 90's the way she dresses, talks, poses...everything. And I'm not talking about her birth year either.

  • Kathleen Libby
    Kathleen Libby

    So I guess in Hollywood, you do whatever you want, even if no one knows who you are. Marry a child? Sure! Go ahead! But don't just marry her- be DISGUSTING with her EVERYWHERE YOU GO!!!!!! Come on. Was he like this with his other two wives?

  • Cara Hartley
    Cara Hartley

    Wow, what a classy couple. Blech.

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    What the hell could they possibly have in common

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Cover it up. No one wants to see your vaj lips.

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    Yeah, I bet they were on a "yacht". They live in an apartment complex for christ sake. Skanks .

  • miss.rouso

    sorry -- the pic before

  • miss.rouso

    looks like her "lady stuff" is about to fall out of her suit bottom.

  • Avri Nicole
    Avri Nicole

    She looks a ton younger and smaller there

  • Kimberly Shutt James
    Kimberly Shutt James

    i agree its really not. i cant believe she did a photo shoot "inspired" by marilyn. but by the pictures she took. shes giving marilyn a bad name.. she would definitely look down on those pics and not encourage showing ur panies an shit under marilyns name. not cute bitch.

  • Kimberly Shutt James
    Kimberly Shutt James

    she has no body. and shes stuck with an old man the rest of her life.. poor girl

  • Kimberly Shutt James
    Kimberly Shutt James

    wow that poor lil girl is soo highly unattractive. and so lost.

  • Alicia Kristine Baim
    Alicia Kristine Baim hard! And it's just not working.

  • Dana Holt-Butters
    Dana Holt-Butters

    exactly, eventually we're gonna be grandmas but at least we're not gonna marry a kid half our age ;)

  • kamiluccha

    So what? At least I won't get married with kid... Your comment has no values darling...

  • jessica

    she is such a hooker, nasty.

  • AlaBella

    These two are really pathetic! They make Kim Kardashian look classy in comparision

  • girlprice

    I think I can still smell her in the Marina.

  • Tripod

    Don't forget, sweetheart, you'll be a grandma some day! Or at least, equal age. :)

  • danny wise
    danny wise

    A washed up jobless actor and his trailer trash wife. I guess thats why they're not posing on a real yacht.

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    Dehua Liu

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  • Dehua Liu
    Dehua Liu

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  • Me

    Ugh they're so creepy and pathetic.

  • kamiluccha

    I don't think she will make it to 40 :D

  • justaguy

    I'd love to lick that whipped cream off her. She is smoking hot and her hubby is a lucky man! I want a sexy teen bride too, sign me up!!

  • Danny

    17 Years old and look at the visible veins in her legs, how bad will they look if she makes it to 40.

  • booo

    she looks kinda normal here..i mean she isn't making her pornstar face, she's still a troll though

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    that is just wrong! eww come on!

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    does she even own pants? or a shirt?

  • anon207

    And this is news, how? When are they not showing disturbingly massive amounts of PDA? *shiver* My eyes...

  • Reddgrant

    Please Im begging you GO AWAY!! I didnt care about you before you married a kid and I care less now about you than before. This is creepy and why do they keep getting pic's taken like they're important.

  • kamiluccha

    You should call this photo : Courtney and her grandpa...

  • Jade Alexander
    Jade Alexander

    didnt realize she was a celebrity....she looks good


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