Celebrity Mailbag: DeStorm Tells Us His Secret to YouTube Success!

Time to tune in to another Celebrity Mailbag video response, this time with YouTube sensation DeStorm! We had you submit your questions for this rapper/comedian, now he’s chosen his favorites to answer right here on Celebuzz.

He’s one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting more than 1 million subscribers and  over 140 million video views. Now he’s taking the time to tell us the secrets to being a YouTube success, his turn-ons and turn-offs — and why he would invite Michael Jackson, President Obama and his Pops to dinner!  Watch the video for more juicy answers!

Known for his many talents and someone who brings a can-do attitude, DeStorm is a good humored guy whose YouTube videos will have you instantly wanting more! When asked about the secret to success he answered: 

“One secret, that is really not a secret, is something many people aren’t willing to do, is work every single day, 24 hours a day…Even though you can’t reach everybody, have the mentality to reach everyone.”

When it comes to rhyming and giving us some tips and methods, DeStorm tell us: “Work on it! Walk around rhyming, on (the) top of your head all day.”

Expect exciting things from DeStorm this year including more music and the launch of a new collaborative YouTube Channel called BAMMO. And also stay tuned for another video from DeStorm answering more of your questions!

For a flavor of DeStorm’s latest video check out ‘Love Song’ below: