Coco Strolls Through West Hollywood in Bootylicious Skintight Sweatsuit (PHOTOS)

Wow, white seems to be Coco's color. 

The blond bombshell was seen shopping with a friend on Valentines Day (maybe picking up a gift for Ice T?) in West Hollywood wearing a curve-hugging white sweatsuit that featured some silver sequin on her booty. Season two of thier show Ice Loves Coco is set to premiere on the E! Network in just a few days. 

Celebuzz got a chance to talk to the couple about the upcoming season of their show, and Ice even shared their secret to staying in love,

"We’re not breaking up. It’s not part of the plan. We talk a lot, we got great communication and I think that you gotta stay on the same team. I think a lot of time, celebrity life, both people have careers and they kind of create two teams that potentially work against each other, you gotta stay on the same team."
It seems that they'll be on the same team for a long time to come. 

The couple also made an appearance on the late night talk show CONAN and Coco (the female) shared some insight on what they do to keep the relationship fresh,
"I personally like to keep a pair of heels right by the bed, just in case there's some freaky moment that goes on. I mean we watch a lot of Tivo at night and when we want to calm down and relax, I might whip on the heels, [Ice] he's a shoe freak." Ice chimed in, "Well, she has to be wearing them." 
You can clearly tell these two are in love after 11 years of marriage and who knows, maybe they will make you believe in love again. The two-part premiere of Ice Loves Coco airs Sunday, Feb. 19 and Monday Feb. 20 and 10:30PM. Check out their interview with Conan O'Brien in the video below. 

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    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

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    That just doesn't look natural!!!

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