PDA Alert! Jennifer Lawrence Kisses Beau Nicholas Hoult in LA (PHOTOS)

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Valentine's Day might have been on Tuesday, but when you're young and in love, every day is February 14!

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult were not only seen having a romantic stroll in Los Angeles, Calif. the day before, but on Wednesday, the two were seen having a tender moment as they locked lips. They might not have officially confirmed their relationship, but that kiss is all we need to see!

Though this couple have been quietly seeing each other for a little over a year (they met while filming X-Men First Class) it looks like they've been spotted out and about with more frequency as the weeks have gone by.

Not only were the two seen playing a friendly game of basketball recently, they kicked off their V-Day with a stroll around SoCal.

These two are slowly but surely becoming one of our fave young celeb couples!

If you don't know by now, Jennifer, 21, will be starring as Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming Hunger Games film, which hits theaters on March 23. Jen has admitted to being hesitant to take the coveted role on a number of occasions, but we have a feeling the Oscar nominee will be able to handle the spotlight just fine.

What do you think of these two as a couple? Sound off in the comments!


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  • This Girl *points to self*
    This Girl *points to self*

    *Sigh* I do not like this couple, infact I pefer her with Josh Hutcherson, and I don't what anybody says! Jen and Josh look adorable together!

  • Papai

    Dear Cass, hope you gonna see´╗┐ this comment I am hvaing a problem with eye pencil..I tried all kind of brands from drug store brands to the up brands..IT NEVER STAYS ON MY EYE..in heath or clubbing it just goes down and I look like a sad clown Btw, have you tried K stars make up? I highly recommend!

  • Tamer

    Both Kim and Kris lacked the armutity to have a successful marriage. Neither one of them learned to compromise and they both cared more about their own careers that one another. Let this be a lesson to people that it takes work to have a long lasting marriage. I don't think either one of them knows what real love is and their marriage was based on an ideal and not reality.

  • xxangelxx

    Apparently you care, since you came to a celebrity site, clicked on an article and took the time to write! ;)

  • Disgusted

    WHO CARES!!! Some narcisstic douchbag kisses another narcisstic douchbag and it is news??? What has become of my once proud country?

  • pearlysmed

    Well isn't this precious!

  • Ann

    They are so cute together, but I think Jennifer and Josh Hutcherson would make a better couple. They have so much chemistry on the set of The Hunger Games!

  • Miranda

    I'm sad she went back to blonde :(

  • Miranda