Scarlett Johansson Bikinis With Boyfriend Nate Taylor in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

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Jetting off on a romantic getaway, Scarlett Johansson has been making the most of her time in Hawaii with her new beau Nate Taylor. On Tuesday afternoon, Scar Jo was spotted soaking up the sun and showing off her curves in a skimpy black bikini. The couple, who chartered a boat on Valentine’s Day, spent the afternoon in the sun together with a few friends.

Scarlett and her New York City ad exec have been flaunting their romance all weekend. On Friday, they were spotted getting hot an heavy on the beaches of Hawaii.

Scarlett was seen frolicking in the surf in a skimpy blue bikini as her boyfriend watched by the shore. Although the couple was joined by friends, that didn’t stop Scarlett and Nate from packing on the PDA!

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