Celebrity Mailbag: DeStorm on His Strict Upbringing & Most Embarrassing Moment! (VIDEO)

Celebuzz is back with part two of our DeStorm celebrity mailbag answers! YOU asked, he answered! 

He’s one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting more than 1 million subscribers and  over 140 million video views.

One of his most embarrassing memories ever comes from his “strict” upbringing. He says he had to talk to his first girlfriend over the phone while hiding in the closet, because his mother wouldn’t let him talk to girls. The secret hideout didn’t work out well for him, unfortunately. 

“My mom picks up the other phone…and says ‘I’m sorry sweetie, Storm can’t talk to girls.'” 

When he hung up, she stayed on the line with his gf, telling her not to call the house anymore. Busted! 

Watch the video for more juicy answers, then see part one below!