Cold Day PDA: Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler Get Frisky!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin-Butler PDA!

Vanessa Hudgen's and Austin Butler's PDA has become just as expected as Taylor Swift's surprised face! So it's no shocker that these two love birds were seen cuddling and smooching each other once again. 

These two can't seem to take their hands off one another and usually get caught in the kissing act!

Dressed in big coats and jackets with gloves and warm hats, they were spotted in each others arms. We've seen plenty of their smoocheroos but they keep giving us more!

Seen on the side walk with Vanessa so cutely standing on the step, they embrace each other and then go in for the kiss. Looks like the cold weather is making them want to snuggle up. The lovey-dovey couple have been nothing but happy since the relationship started.

Looks like these two are going to continue to be inseparable for a while but is the PDA too much? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Jessica

    eww. im sorry, but i still think that zac & vanessa are a good couple! like they should get back together, immediately! Zanessa forever.

  • carl

    Well none of your businesses, let them choose what they want they are just a public object not public property.

  • Karma

    this couple make me laugh, they both claim to 'hate' the paparazzi but they are making a fools of themselves as they are acting for them.. makes me laugh. it's pathetic, we've seen more of this relationship than her promoting and why is he even there she's MEANT to be promoting her movie, but nope, she's promoting her relationship, it's boring. he's so irrelevant, he doesn't need to be there. sorry but it's just a laughing matter.

  • sophia

    They do look stiff and uncomfortable with each other. Maybe it's a magazine photoshoot to promote her new movie. Can't be for him, don't think he works. But couples doing staged PDA usually have an agenda. Don't know what their agenda is, but they are pushing way to hard to prove something--to themselves, to someone else?

  • aiwen

    They r inlove thats all... There's nothing we can talk about their "real" relationship,maybe they r just acting in front of the camera,cause some pics Vanessa is looking at the camera when she embrace Austin...but with Zac she does't do that,maybe yes but rare they r so private at the past,but right now,in their vanessa's eyes there's like no one there

  • Kat

    I don't get it. Does he ever work? I want her to be happy but it seems like she is the one who is more interested in the relationship. She seems to be the one who pays for everything. He must really love it because he is getting his name everywhere plus he's getting all these free trips from her. I hope she doesn't get her heart broken in the end because I don't think he is with her because he loves her.

  • emma

    Just shut up and remain quiet None of you guys here know nothing about them

  • Jonathan Siewert
    Jonathan Siewert

    These two make me sick.

  • Molls

    Is this a photo shoot for some magazine? They look like two strangers posing. Don't see any chemistry, sex appeal or eye sex between them. It looks stiff and staged.


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