‘Revenge’ Cast Dishes on ‘Chaos’ Episode & Reveals Their Ideal Guest Stars (EXCLUSIVE)

'Revenge' Picked Up!
Christa B Allen talks what's next for Charlotte
Who caught last night’s highly anticipated episode of Revenge?! In the episode fittingly titled “Chaos” viewers finally got to see what really went down at the Fire & Ice ball.

Celebuzz was lucky enough to screen the episode with the cast of Revenge and stars Josh Bowman and Connor Paolo told us about what’s in store for teh show and shared some dish straight from set! Warning: spoilers ahead:

We’ve all been led to believe Bowman’s character Daniel Grayson is the one dead in the sand, and we weren’t the only ones happy it wasn’t him!

“No, I didn’t know it wasn’t going to be me initially,” Josh told us Monday. “I found out at the reading. When I read it and it wasn’t me and I was happy. I think I threw my hands in the air and gave a little ‘Victory!’ fist pump. It’s great they kept me on! [The creators] said really from the second episode they knew it wasn’t going to be me. So I’m very very very happy.”

As for his relationship with Emily VanCamp’s character Emily Throne, there is drama coming.

“I think there might be some trouble coming up over the next several episodes and all the way through the end,” Josh told us. “It’s going to be very up and down, up, up then down. It’s going to get dark and my character Daniel is going to get darker. I hope he gets more savvy and gets his wits up around him. He’s no idiot. I know a lot of people think Daniel is so stupid, but he will come around.”

So any chance during those down periods he might get another love interest?

“That would be fun, wouldn’t it? I’m loving the love triangle right now. We don’t need to make it a square quite yet.”

Bowman said his best on set memory so far was when ABC ordered the back nine episodes. “Finding out we were going the whole season was my best memory so far,” Josh said. “I took some champagne to set and we all had a little drink”

So moving on, lets get to what’s in store with Connor’s character.

“All the things are answered in time I can assure you of that. Anything you were left yearning for at the end of the sequence of events you just witnessed will get resolutions and in an increasingly interesting way.”

As for his character’s relationship with Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen), it’s not going to be smooth sailing. “We are winding towards something, towards trouble,” Connor, who plays Declan Porter, said. “We are not in the best place and certainly things change. Lets put it that way.”

We also asked him who his dream guest star would be, and the answer is kind of awesome.

“That just gets interesting! I think it’s time to reunite Madeline [Stowe] and Daniel Day [Lewis]. It’s been a minute. Lets get him in as Uncle Porter. I think Nick [Weschler] and I have been musing it would be awesome to just have Chris Walken to a weekly act at the Stowaway.”

The Last of the Mohicans is only one of the greatest movies ever. We can’t even begin to fathom how awesome that would be. Unrealistic, sure, but totally awesome.

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