Jason Segel Talks Love Life, Jokes ‘I’m the New Clooney’

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While chatting with Vanity Fair, The Muppets screenwriter and star Jason Segel talked about a number of topics, and jokingly referred to himself as the “new Clooney” while discussing his love life.

The 32-year-old actor mentioned he was single, and when the interviewer said it was nice to know there were some heartbreakers out there, Jason replied:

“With the exception that he’s way better looking and way more talented than me, I’m the new [George] Clooney.”

Come on, Jason! Give yourself more credit than that! Not only did you successfully revive the Muppets franchise (with an Oscar nominated song, no less!) but you have two new films coming out this year and your sitcom How I Met Your Mother is still going strong.

One of Jason’s upcoming films is The Five-Year Engagement with Emily Blunt, out in April. Jason not only stars in, but wrote this project, and talked a bit about it with VF.

“The theme of the movie is about how fluid relationships are. That over the course of something like five years, how our dynamic shifts, you meet new people—and it’s not just so you meet someone and you love them and then it’s over. Life is complicated. And there’re still other attractive people in the world. And you still fight. And you still deal with “Should we even be together?” It’s not like it just ends because you meet “the one.” The one—the one is a myth.”

For more on the interview, head over to Vanity Fair’s website.