Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart's Sexy Valentine's Day Photo


Jennifer Lopez hasn't been shy about flaunting her new boy toy Casper Smart around -- so in the spirit of Valentine's Day the singer posted a sultry pic of the couple.

In the black and white photo, the pair posed for a steamy picture, with J-Lo's dancer beau planting a tender kiss on the singer's head. J-Lo, 42, is seen resting her head gently against 24-year-old Casper's shoulder.

Lopez must have had second thoughts about posting the pic (above) -- and later deleted it. What do you think about this intimate photo? Should Jennifer have shared it with the world? Sound off in the comments.

Earlier this month, the couple were spotted on the beaches of Malibu, Calif. along with J-Lo's adorable twin kids Max and Emme. The shirtless backup dancer seemed chummy with JLo’s children as they played in the waves and sand.



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  • nat

    omg this is sooo sad this picture makes me feel so sorry for her. seriously this KID is her man?? she is making such a fool of herself, a woman that was really starting to get recognized and respected, and she goes public with this little boy making her look sooo desperate!

  • newyork1234

    WOW. I like JLO. But that's just so tacky. Not approriate. I mean I agree its not our business, but apparently they make it our business!! They dont match and there's a higher chance of a quick divorce. But you gotta move on....

  • Kitty Adkins
    Kitty Adkins

    When this lil fling hits the skids she'll holler about she wants to keep her private life private... She can do that now as far as I'm concerned. Dude is a buttaface... nice lil body, but face is shot, especially when he don't have a baseball cap on!

  • Sylvia

    These are two adults doing what they want to do. I am sure Marc has moved on. JLo and her ex only have their children to raise and provide answers to not everyone else.

  • Roxie Dean
    Roxie Dean

    I agree it is not appropriate but I am pretty sure Marc has a lady friend as well. I think they are cute together Casper and Jennifer. and if Marc has no problem with Casper around the kids then it should be fine with the REST of the world! It is none of OUR business who or what they are doing.

  • Jo

    Here we go again, J-Lo with another young dancer. Is she divorced yet! No, not appropriate. If it's real love, no need to share it with the world! Keep your private life....private!