Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde! (PHOTO)


Kendall Jenner is lightening up! The reality star uploaded a new photo of herself blonde on Instagram and posted this message on her Twitter account:
"New look....? What do u think? lol
So is it a wig? Or did Kendall really dye her hair? Well, Kendall tells Celebuzz...

It's just a wig! The model is still her brunette self underneath. 

Kendall was just having a little fun Thursday and decided to try out a new look. Have to admit, she is totally gorgeous as a blonde! Still, we think we like her dark -- like all of her sisters.

What do you think Celebuzz readers? Do you like Kendall blonde or brunette? Sound off in the comments!



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  • marija milenkovic
    marija milenkovic

    its a wig!!!!

  • marija milenkovic
    marija milenkovic

    that's a wig!!!!!

  • Crystal Molzof
    Crystal Molzof

    I love the blonde even though its a wig<3

  • Trisha Espolt
    Trisha Espolt

    I think she's smart to put distance between the "Black-Widow four-some" and being blonde, she looks even more amazingly beautiful than the others. Maybe she's taken and hopefully has taken, some tips from her friend CASSIDY ERIN GIFFORD ! Little Gifford is a stright A student, model and budding actress raised by wonderful - nuturing parents who haven't exploited her. KENDALL LOOKS GREAT - hoping it's not a wig!

  • Dierdre

    She look cute!

  • Pepe


  • Daniel Mizzi
    Daniel Mizzi

    she looks great anyway

  • Doug Glass
    Doug Glass

    Bimbo on peroxide. Big surprise.

  • Janice

    The lighter hair makes you look sweeter. The darker hair makes you look harder. Depends what kind of look you are going for. I think you look better with the lighter hair.

  • Gàl Erika
    Gàl Erika

    Hy :) I think a lot of beautiful blonde hair that looks good i like the colors.... :) Have a nice week end for you end your famillie too... :) Love:Erika... :)

  • Tessa

    Shes way prettier than her sisters

  • Ronda

    Well I think she looks cute blonde but thats a wig thats why it kinda looks weird but shes pretty either way

  • fdget

    no matter what colour she goes, she looks amazing. <3

  • justaguy

    I don't care if she is blond, brunette, red, or bald...I would bang her either way!

  • Kelly

    I like her dark her better look at pic on the right she looks gorgeous.

  • Shiela Robinson
    Shiela Robinson

    That doesn't look blonde to me,it looks brown. Why do white people want to go blonde all the time. Strange!

  • courtneybaaaby


  • EleanorCxx

    This was a prank she is still a brunette LOL

  • yueshalom

    I bet is a wig

  • cristilexus

    i love brunnette

  • Damisa Virangkur
    Damisa Virangkur

    Shes young, ppl. Let her enjoy changing hair color. Oneday, she ll know what color is the best for her.

  • Dianaa

    Read under the picture ! it says it's just a wig ! RELAX everybody ! damn. .

  • Michel Moutinho
    Michel Moutinho

    She should go for blonde to set her apart from her older sisters. She's not a Kardashian after all. And I personally think she looks boring as a brunette. :/

  • Taura Helsel
    Taura Helsel

    i think you look BEAUTIFUL as a blonde and don't let anyone say other wise!! you should stay a blonde

  • Jamie Encardes
    Jamie Encardes

    Looks more like Kim with the blonde hair, either way your beautiful :)

  • Stella Mayorga
    Stella Mayorga

    Kendal it looks gorgeous!! You look so pretty!! Sorry Kardashian Sisters!!

  • Mich

    omg please dont tell me she is going to turn into another spoiled girl please kendall you look way better with your natural hair dont change it dont need to change you are already beautiful

  • Jes

    She's a pretty girl so she looks cute anyway but honestly i think her natural color brings out her beauty more. She stands out more. She's striking! I can def see her being a model if she has determination.

  • Babs

    Better dark, but blonde is cute for a change.

  • S0_fly

    she looks cute but she should stick to being a brunette

  • Raiza Mami Alvarez
    Raiza Mami Alvarez

    noooooo!!!! you look pretty as a brunett

  • stephaniedube


  • Ariel

    i think she should deff. stay a brunette(:

  • stephaniedube

    i like the blonde; i just realized how much she looks like him! her eyebrows..

  • Lindy Rouse
    Lindy Rouse

    some people just like to look at picture books, it appears.

  • Jamie Lynn Arcement
    Jamie Lynn Arcement

    I think either color looks good on you........

  • Raecine

    she looks more like Kim now.

  • Pooja Panchal
    Pooja Panchal

    It was just a wig.

  • Jill Tidwell
    Jill Tidwell

    I love you as a brunette.

  • Lisha Phillip
    Lisha Phillip


  • Neeky Neave
    Neeky Neave

    omg! just went in shock..although you still look pretty with blonde hair, i like the brunette look better<3 xx

  • hotcocco

    i think you look better with darkk hair(: blond makes you look weird! just goo back to black please!

  • Jamie-Lee Ymcmb Ortiz
    Jamie-Lee Ymcmb Ortiz

    Looks gorgeous with dark hair. xx Don't change.