Celebrity Mailbag: Victoria Tells Us About Her Sweet Tooth & Love for Dogs (VIDEO)

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Capping off our six part segment of Celebrity Mailbag with Victoria Justice, Celebuzz brings you the last and final video interview with the young Nickelodeon star.

Ever wanted to know what junk food Victoria craves and what candy obsession she’s had for years? What about the most important questions of all…is V-Just a cat or dog lover? Watch the video above for her detailed revelations in her final video interview!

“I am dog person. I am have 2 dogs and unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats so I can’t own one or I’d be miserable (laughs).”

Victoria goes on to talk about how she views all of her fans tweets and manages her Twitter account herself. The 18 year-old TV star also extends her gratitude to her avid fans for their support and questions to her Celebrity Mailbag series. Check out the video above for Victoria’s candid interview.

Be sure to watch Victoria on Victorious every Saturday starting 8/7 c on Nickelodeon. Stay tuned for our next Celebrity Mailbag edition to see which star will be sitting down with Celebuzz to answer your burning questions next time!