Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Make Out At Airport ... Again (PHOTOS)

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It looks like it's still Valentine's Day for Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan.

The happy couple was spotted getting their PDA on Thursday as they arrived at LAX. Though Channing kept cool in a beanie and sunglasses, he was clearly more than willing to put his love for Jenna on full display. We like it!

The couple, who were spotted doing the exact same thing at JFK on Sunday, have reason to celebrate. Last weekend, Channing's new movie, The Vow, took in over $41 million at the box office - the highest opening weekend gross for a movie in 2012.

If that wasn't enough, the film also earned a record-setting $11.6 million on Valentine's Day. Nice!

What do you think? Is their PDA a turn on - or a turn off? Make your case in the comments!



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    I love them both i hope that they will never separated and to be happy ever after on their charming and romantic life <3

  • BreannaLuvs

    Hi Robert, So excited about Water's Edge. Cannot wait to read it. You do know you were the one that got me statred reading books. My children and husband cannot believe I read at least a book a week, sometimes more. Hope your family is well. Allen had radiation last Wednesday suffered a lot of pain. He is very lethargic and tires quickly. He will have radiation again in two weeks. Appreciate your prayers. In His Love, Janice

  • Jessicacutie26

    They miss eachother cut them some slack. He's busy doing a movie!

  • journalschism

    A married couple actually into each other. Refreshing, actually. Cut them some slack.

  • sophia

    When a couple does this kind of PDA, there's usually trouble in the relationship. They're trying to prove something to themselves and others. You can expect a separation/divorce rumor in the next few months.

  • lux

    hate her