Charlie Sheen: I'm Tired of Pretending Ashton Kutcher Doesn't Suck

Ashton Gets Honest
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Tell us how you really feel! Charlie Sheen called in to TMZ's live web show on Thursday and, per usual, held nothing back. After being fired from his hit CBS show Two and a Half Men, Charlie seemed to be in good spirits when it was announced that Ashton Kutcher would replace him. However, he's now singing a different tune.

He told the tabloid show:

"I'm tired of lying ... I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck ... I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."
The actor continued, "It's nothing personal ... I just feel bad for him ... he's saddled with such bad writing."

What do you think? Do you agree with Charlie, or do you think Ashton is an improvement to the show? Sound off in the comments! 

Ashton and Charlie finally met at the 2011 Emmy Awards, and Sheen tweeted two pics (as seen above) of the duo on his WhoSay. Sheen captioned one photo (seen on the right), writing:
“Giving the new kid a little advice..! With @aplusk backstage at the Emmy’s…”


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  • chasingerrors

    He fucken sucks ever since cheaper by the dozen

  • jennifer

    i seen it 2 times,and that was enough to see it was stupid.its not funny ,not any of them are funny anymore! make it last we need charlie back or just cancel the show,its a waist of money!

  • CT

    Ashton good - writing bad. Get rid of that ridiculous english muffin, the crazy ex-wife and Alan's crusty GF. Get rid of the girls. Make Alan less of a douche.

  • T.t.

    I like the show better with Ashton Kutcher. Charlie shouldn't have been such a butt head & got himself fired. That's what drugs & alcohol will do to a persons brain. Look what just happened to Whitney Houston the drugs & alcohol took over & killed her. Charlie is lucky he just lost his show instead of his life. Hopefully he will get straightened out for his children's sake.

  • sallythesnoop

    Ashton sucks and the show sucks. I watched two episodes since Charlie left and I haven't watched it since. It's like when Charlie left the writers left with him. Snoozefest!

  • Steph

    Ashton is a lying cheating piece of shit, but what the hell do you think Cahrlie Sheen is? He's also a complete f*cking scumbag,. Why does it have to be an either/or situation? They both suck. Neither of them are likeable. They're both sad, pathetic men who need to grow the f*ck up and Two and a Half Men should have ended years ago.

  • guest

    Charlie was more naturally funny, Ashton always sounds like he is "acting" as if it is just his job.

  • Horsense

    The new show id crap.

  • jb

    The shows just not the same, in fact it's not even much of a show anymore. Charlie made the show and the other actors shine. Maybe what needs to happen is to get new writers and Charlie baack!!!!!!!

  • Glady

    Has Ashton ever been good in anything other than Demi? Bring Crazy Charlie back!

  • Teri

    Charlie's personal life is not for us to judge.The long and short of it is the show was Charlie"s.His co-stars were funnier and you can tell it's strained for everyone now.Good luck to all the actors on their future shows.They are going to need it!

  • courtneybaaaby

    he didnt quit you dumbass!

  • courtneybaaaby

    Jennifer you idiot, ashton does suck, his acting on it it terrible, he acts like a 5 year old, maybe he's ment to, but it is seriously stupid, when charlie was on the show, it was actually funny! now the show is stupid, they need to settle any problems with charlie and get him back on the show, cause they are getting less and less viewers, and are losing money!

  • FGL

    Have to agree with Charlie on this one. watched a couple of episodes had to stop just drove me crazy what the writers have done.

  • Angela Wood
    Angela Wood

    Ashton is a lying, cheating piece of shit and the show was 100x better when Charlie was on it. I will be glad when it gets cancelled and it will b/c it has been shitty ever since Charlie left.

  • mimi

    Bring Charlie back to the show. I have not watch even 1 episode with ashton. He just does not cut it.

  • thisisit

    I agree with marco. The show was written for Sheen, it is not the fault of Kutcher. I loved the "dumb" little kid but he has grown up now, it is not the same.

  • marco

    Sheen is right. The show sucks. But it's not just Kutcher. The other cast members just aren't funny anymore either, so it's the writting as well. I've stopped watching it. Oh well, had to end eventually.

  • Mary Lou Bethune
    Mary Lou Bethune

    The show was always vile, crude and obvious. It's not like it is Hamlet for crying out loud. It all sucks.

  • Louai S Nijem
    Louai S Nijem

    I don't Have anything against Ashton i think he is a funny actor but the show is not the same. Sheen was the funny one i don't even like the house keeper there is no need for her character and the brother isn't no funny at all

  • AshtonUSuck

    The show was way better w/ Charlie until he started getting more and more fkd up in the later episodes. Ashton is a wuss so in a way, the character fits him perfectly. I could care less about watching it now. I'd much rather watch an old re-run w/ Charlie.

  • Coz

    They should fire A.K and bring Charlie back as a ghost that only the kid can see and hear, teaching him about women and life. That'd be a cool direction to go!

  • JJ

    Once again, it's proven , wealth has nothing to do with class.

  • sophia

    As crazy as Charlie Sheen's personal life was, he was great on that show. It's terrible without him. Terrible. The Ashton story line went from stupid to stupider.

  • Quincy

    He's right, the show was way much better with Charlie around, you cant be good at everything and this is one of those things that A.K aint good at

  • Tshegofatso Madzingo
    Tshegofatso Madzingo

    I am with Charlie the show is horrible .bring Charlie back plis I have stopped watching the show now because of Ashton coz he can't act

  • julie

    He is very right! A.K. may be soooo handsome, but he's unable to replace Charlie. I used to love the show. Now it sucks! And it's gonna sink! Put Charlie back you fools!


    it is awful!!! it sucks!!! we want Charlie!!!!! now the show is boring !!!!

  • Sam Forman
    Sam Forman

    Sheen is such a suck a--. He quit the best job that he ever had - in his entire life! So why not try to tear down what is still a very good and funny show. I know that most folks feel sorry for Charlie - not about losing the show but because the show is a success without him

  • Sandy Reid
    Sandy Reid

    Sorry, I agree with Charlie Sheen. I think Ashton is not good at all in this role.

  • Sandy Reid
    Sandy Reid

    I totally agree. I tried to watch the show and just could not stand it. It is terrible and I feel bad for all the other actors as they were part of such a fantastically funny show and now I couldn't muster up a laugh if I tickled myself.

  • Jennifer Oertel
    Jennifer Oertel

    Ashton Kutcher is AMAZING on the show! The show needed someone new! Charlies just mad cuz Ashton took his job & is doing SO well at it! LOL