Jennifer Aniston: ‘I Had the Time of My Life’ Making Movie With Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston tells Celebuzz “I had the time of my life” making Wanderlust with Justin Theroux – plus some of her longtime friends like Paul Rudd.

As to how the couple and the rest of the cast enjoyed filming on location in Georgia, she says,  “We loved it. We absolutely love it. We were sort of all brought together [because we were in a place where none of us lived].” 

It was during filming that Jennifer and Justin reportedly began their romance.

As with everything, location was key. Jen revealed at today’s press conference for the film that being outside Hollywood gave her a new perspective.

“For me, shooting this movie was a version of living like [they do in the film],” she says. “It was this great community and these amazing people. I realized how much of a wall there was in a way, this protective armor that I have [when I’m] outside in the world. I’m always on guard. So there was this sigh of relief…it was like John Travolta in Boy in the Bubble! Like, riding a horse, out of the bubble [laughs] … I really made a conscious effort to say, ‘Don’t wall up like that.’ You miss out on a lot of stuff if you’re so protected and isolated.”

The movie is about an uptight New York couple who ends up in a commune that preaches “free love.” Neither Jennifer nor her man think the concept works out in real life:

“That’s called being single,” Justin says. “Or being divorced, one of the two.”

Filming was filled with laughs, he says, adding the studio would be upset “…if [they] knew how much money we wasted by just shrieking with laughter and wasting time.”

Wanderlust is out Feb.24. Do you think couples can be open to “free love” with others? Sound off in the comments below!