Katy Perry Slams Russell Brand in ‘Part of Me’ & More Singers Who’ve Written About Exes (PHOTOS)

Friendly Exes!
Celebs who stayed close despite splitting.
Katy Perry blasted her estranged husband Russell Brand (or it at least sounds like it) while performing her latest hit “Part of Me” at the 2012 Grammy Awards this past Sunday night. In the catchy tune, Katy sings:

“Your love was cheap, was always tearing at the seams. I fell deep and you let me drown. But that was then and this is now… You can kick the diamond ring. It don’t mean anything anyway.”

Ouch! The lyrics are pretty brutal, but it seems writing a song about an ex is the best cure for a heartbreak. Katy joins the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Selena Gomez who have all called out their exes in their hit songs. Click through the gallery to see who else wrote about an former flame.

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