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As Whitney Houston's closest friends and family gathered inside New Hope Baptist Church in New Jersey to pay their respects, the late singer's ex-husband Bobby Brown was outside getting into an argument with guests.

According to TMZ, the New Edition member got into it with Whitney's family over whether or not he could bring nine people into the church. Brown had been invited to the service and was allowed to bring two guests. However, Bobby showed up to the Saturday memorial with nine other people. His party was not granted entrance as the church did not have enough seats for Bobby's entourage.

A source said that Bobby wanted to sit with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, but Whitney's family denied his request. Bobby reportedly left the service before it ended.

Brown later released an official statement to CNN on the matter. It read:

"My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move. Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene. ... I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how."

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  • Thor Carpinterwoh
    Thor Carpinterwoh

    I Agree bobby brown killed whitney—He just love whitney for the Money,Sex and Fame…. He did not CARE and stop whitney in the drugs—and even promoted it.—-bobby brown– destroyed whitney……the family of whitney is Correct Not wanting you in the Funeral.

  • Thor Carpinterwoh
    Thor Carpinterwoh

    bobby brown killed whitney---He just love whitney for the Money,Sex and Fame.... He did not CARE and stop whitney in the drugs---and even promoted it.----bobby brown-- destroyed whitney......the family of whitney is Correct Not wanting you in the Funeral.

  • ashley

    kareesha, sweetheart get yo damn facts straight! whitney did drugs wayyy before she was with bobby! so boucne! ~stay mindless

  • ashley

    that's just totally messed up! if i was bobby i would tell 7 people to leave, and keep family with him. why wud his ex-family make him leave. i bet bobbi k. wanted to be comforted by her daddy.

  • Tamm E Hunt
    Tamm E Hunt

    The women in the photo is not his wife. It is his eldest daughter, LaPrincia.

  • teal

    I really don't believe he wanted to be there. How you gonna kiss the casket, and not greet your daughter...? Because she was not seated yet! And the fact that your daughter was not seated yet, is not "keeping" her from you. But it seems that his narrative worked, because so many ppl are defending his disrespectful actions and trying to justify him. Look for more stories on him being kept from his daughter. See he's head strong and short sighted, always a bad combo. (Watch BeingBobbyBrown, he says it himself). Shut up dodoHead, you, your kids and band members had seats

  • teal

    Yes they were married for close to 15 years, however, he was not a regular part of BK's life. I doubt that those grown kids were regular either. He was invited, with a limit to the number of guest he brings. He arrives, and was seated anyways. When others come for their assigned seating, he's ask to move, then the same thing happens again, plus all of them could not sit together. Plus, not all those with him were "family". So what's to do inconvenience all the others who were invited for the other 6 (of 9) ppl who were not invited?

  • teal

    Guess they watched it on the net like the rest of us. You are so right. And paying his child support is not raising those kids, they had moms who had custody of them ( not Bobby Brown). He didn't want to cause a scene, but he did. Spoiled butt! Couldn't even place his issues aside this one day, yet claims respect for WH. His ex-MOm in law and daughter were not seated when he arrived, so don't blame them. Yeah bring extra ppl and not only demand seats, but that everyone be seated together.

  • teal

    It was an invite, period. He was not in charge of deciding how many ppl to bring. He was told how many and that's the case. Because his ego would not let the little boy in him settle for less. He was not throw out, he took seats belong/reserved for others. Maybe those ppl wanted their seats, so he had to move to other empty seats. I understand that all of them could not be seated together, so he left. The church was trying to work w/ him.

  • kjacjb

    I agree, Whitney was a grown person who did drugs before she meet him. Yes they both did drugs but they are adults who knew what they were getting into. I think Bobby had every right to be there and bring who he wanted. This was a celebration of her life. They had a daughter together and he had a right to see her. I think her family should keep they nose out of Bobby and his daughter life. She is old enough to choose to be with her dad. People need to stop blaming Bobby for her drug problems. No body is to blame but Whitney. She had a problem she couldn't stop. R.I. P Whitney you will be miss.

  • Sandra

    Bobby brought people to support him, whats wrong with that? The man played a important role in her life, im sure she didn't want to happen this. Whitney was al about love and forgiveness. The two have a love-baby, their daughter for God sake. Two invitations? Didn' t they think that more children off Bobby wouldn't want to say goodbye to her? Those were also her children. It's not respectfull to reseat the entourage three times. Also absurd that he couldn't sit next to his daughter to support her, one of the reasons he went in the first place. She doesn't have to live with her dad, but why can't he sit next to her for support? People are so eager to judge the man, but Whitney was no angel either. Nobody knows the full story and what happens between those walls. I think Bobby and Whitney loved eachother, and still did. He 's is not afraid to admitt that. Even after seperation. Not only she loved him, he did also. The two have a history together and were on speaking terms. So wtf is the problem with everybody? And yes, he tours at the moment, so what? What does everybody want, he breaking down, returning to drugs and stuff? In the reality show I saw a couple who couldn't live with or without eachother, both ways. The man is broken, can't nobody see this on the pictures? I hope he holds himself together, for krissy and the rest of his children and his fiance. You go Bobby. I know you are in pain. Hang on brother. I love Whitney to, who didn't?

  • John Randall
    John Randall

    The trouble making news media ought to just stay out of it ,its a family matter.

  • ME

    Good. It's his fault she's dead.

  • James Godfrey
    James Godfrey

    Its paining a lot, lets her rest in peace. Amen.

  • mzzspike

    Kareesha get ur facts straight! Whitney was on drugs before Bobby came in the picture....I LOVE Whitney and hope she is Resting in Peace, but don't put this on Bobby.

  • mzzspike

    Come on @Kareesha, killed her and her career. First off we ALL LOVE Whitney, and may she TRULY RIP, but if ur going to slam Bobby, do it cuz it deserves it! If u did ur research, you would know that Whitney was on drugs before she even got with Bobby and he just has a bad boy image so he was blamed for it!! I was blind to this @ first as well becuz of my love for her, but I was given material on her lifestyle and things she admitted. And since when does family need invites to a funeral. They were companions for damn near 15 years. Let him bring who he wants and let them whack so-called celebs that didn't even know her stand up or move! Funerals, weddings and such are family first.....

  • sonia

    when someone tells you 3 people...they mean it!!! can't this idiot count???? so you pick 3 and go in..and he DEMANDED front row seats?? DEMANDED??? he is don't demand at a place that does not want you there anyway!!!!! take 3 people and walk in...thats it !!! he wanted to make a scene and he did...what some people will do for attention!!!!!!!

  • sonia

    no, some of those people were his BANDLEADERS....he does not have 9 kids...he was told don't wallk into a funeral like a mob tribe...he also had bodyguards with him... he should have known better...this is not a show..its a funeral...he and his wife should have walked in and stayed...left the rest outside!!!!! as a result NO ONE got to see the funeral!!!!!!!!


    Wheres the christianity in this? Somebody tell me?


    I think this is absolutely absurd. These people in this church call themselves CHRISTIANS and turn someone away from the church. Someone explain this to me. Bobby keep your head up and never come back to this church to become a member. After all the singing about love as Stevie sang the song. What happen at the end of the day? HATE!!!! SO WHAT i ALREADY SAID IT!!


    I think this is absolutely absurd. These people in this church call themselves CHRISTIANS and turn someone away from the church. Someone explain this to me. Bobby keep your head up and never come back to this church to become a member. After all the singing about love as Stevie sang the song. What happen at the end of the day? HATE!!!! ASO WHAT i ALREADY SAID IT!!


    I think this is absolutely absurd. These people in this church call themselves CHRISTIANS and turn someone away from the church. Someone explain this to me. Bobby keep your head up and never come back to this church to become a member. After all the singing about love as Stevie sang the song. What happen at the end of the day? HATE!!!!

  • WhitneyFAN

    That's not his wife it's his 22 year old daughter!

  • DEL

    You can't change history and Bobby and Whitney have a history. We claim to know but we really don't the entire of affair. I think they loved one another at one point but recognized the relationship was getting to violent for the bother to handle. History

  • Cassie

    WTF?? Bobbi K was HIS daughter whether you like it or not. She WANTED her other brothers & sisters there, too! She already had a close bond with her dad before Whitney died. The media lied to you sweetie. They said it was his entourage. It was just his fiancee and children I love Whitney but was her damn decision to do drugs. Friends & family said she did drugs even before she met Bobby. They also said she NEVER let people tell her what to do. Bobby was no angel obviously but i really wish people would stop blaming the man for Whitney's demise..

  • wordup

    what a jacka$$...he was told he could bring two people and showed up with nine. Did he not finish the first grade? Can't count to two? It is a tragedy what happened to Whitney but she must have been a fool to ever get involved with this schmuck

  • Jerch

    That's just awful! There were so many people in that funeral that didn't even know her but they kick Bobby out because he brought his wife and his kids? They are disrespectful! That were his kids that were raised by Whitney as well! Obviously he wanted to sit next to his daughter for godness sakes he is the only one that she has left! They love eachother you can see it. It's hard enough for Kristina to handle this without Whitney's family causing all the drama. They didn't let the man that WHITNEY once loved in! I am sure that is something she wouldn't want to happen. And as it goes for blaming him for her death..She was adult she could say no she wasn't forced to do anything. They were married for a long time and it's obvious that they cared for eachother. And it is proven that she used drugs way before she met Bobby..but that is another subject. What her family did is just awful and pathetic! He was important person to Whitney and he still is important to Bobby Kristina and they treat him like he is a nobody! Shame on them!

  • Lethal

    You people are really stupid if you believe that Bobby had anything to do with Whitney's death. We all choose our on fate and if you really do the research she was already making unwise choices before him. May she rest in peace and Bobby learn these lessons to stay alive and take care of his children

  • Kayley

    If he was told 2 guests, then that's the number he should have brought period full stop. Another example of celebrity ego showing he thinks he's above it all. As for sitting with his daughter - nope. She has enough on her plate without his presence right next to her.

  • booo

    regardless he has the right to be there for their daughter..Whitney was a grown ass woman, and made the conscious decision to be with him and have a child with him.

  • Eleanor

    Bobby Brown killed Whitney in the sense that there is such a thing in the law called contributory negligence and he certainly contributed heavily to her ultimate death. She didn't get out of the marriage early enough to give herself a chance to recover. You should choose your spouses carefully because they can kill you with the baggage they bring into the marriage that will cause you enough stress that you will want to resort to some sort of medication. Bobby Brown's baggage was not designer luggage. He had steamer trunks.

  • Cassie

    All those 9 were HIS children (and NE) that Nippy raised. That was their mother, too. Bobbi needs her siblings there, too. It's a large church & if the ENTIRE Winans family can be there. Why can't Bobby be there?

  • Kareesha

    That ain't right? What ain't right about it? Brown killed Whitney and destroyed her life and career and all he's been doing is mooching off her millions the past however many years ...and now he want's to show her respect. Nah uh honey, it IS right that the family didn't want that troll there. And he's going to bring a bunch of people with him? It's a FUNERAL not an after party! He should have been humble and respectful enough to show up ALONE and with his head bowed. Good for the family for denying him. He deserves it. And I hope they keep him away from Kristina, because he's going to do nothing but try and get money from her, if there's any left. Brown need to be thrown down, and he was.

  • Patricia Chavez
    Patricia Chavez

    He should have respected their wishes.

  • Connie Terry
    Connie Terry

    That ain't right but..... I can't believe I'm keeping my comments off, but..... I will


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