Fashion Flyby: Robert Pattinson Gets Shady at LAX (PHOTOS)

Robert's Sexiest Looks
The British hottie sure knows how to work it!
After a whirlwind promotional tour across the pond, Robert Pattinson has finally landed stateside.

The Breaking Dawn actor was seen rocking sunglasses at night as he touched down at Los Angeles International Airport. Upon arrival, RPattz covered up his buzzed head with a baseball cap as he carried his luggage to his awaiting car.

The busy actor was in Berlin this week to promote Bel Ami with co-star Christina Ricci. According to Rob, the flick, which chronicles a young man’s rise to power through manipulating his enemies’ wives, drew him in from the get-go.

“When I first read it, I immediately related to just the idea that someone’s energy wasn’t about trying to achieve some kind of goal -– the only time he had any energy [was] when someone slighted him,” Pattinson told LA Times.  “That’s how I was a few years ago.  If someone insulted me, I’d get 10 years of ambition.” 

The actor also added that he has since grown out of that habit.