A Look at Lindsay Lohan's Best 'Saturday Night Live' Moments (VIDEOS)

LiLo's Playboy Cover
Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Cover
Lindsay Lohan channels Marilyn Monroe in the racy mag. Read More »

As previously reported, Lindsay Lohan is slated host Saturday Night Live once again. Her episode, which will feature musical guest Jack White, is set to air on March 3rd. This will be Lindsay's first appearance on the show since 2006. 

Recently, a source told TMZ that Lindsay had pushed for the part as a way to kickstart her career. Reportedly, Lindsay had called up producer Lorne Michaels to ask him to consider her for the part.

With that in mind, Celebuzz is taking a look back at Lindsay's greatest SNL moment (after all, she must've been doing something right if she's been asked to return!). From Harry Potter spoofs to jokes about Mischa Barton's arms, we're taking a look back at all the hilarity that LiLo encountered during her last SNL stint.

Check out Lindsay's Hermione impression above, then the rest of her funny SNL skits below!

Neutrogena Coin Slot:

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler act as Lindsay's mentors:

Debbie Downer:



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  • ohonore

    Can anyone find the video of her monologue when Amy Poehler plays her in the future? She comes back and say they do Lifetime movies and begs her to stop drinking and partying...then revealed she was Lohan from 2007 but aged dramatically. Spooky how accurate that is, eh?

  • simplydiffer

    I loved Lindsay on SNL! However, I'm not too sure she'll do a good job this time around. She hasn't done a decent acting job in years. It's like the only thing she knows how to do know is to walk into court wearing inappropriate attire.