Jennifer Aniston Calls Beau Justin Theroux ‘A Great Actor’ (VIDEO)

Jennifer: Wander-ful Work
Aniston says she had the time of her life making 'Wanderlust.'
Jen & Justin Hold Hands!
Jennifer Aniston and her new man in London.
Jen's Best Quotes!
Jennifer Aniston knows what she's talking about!
Jennifer Aniston appeared on Good Morning America on Monday morning, opening up to Lara Spencer about her latest film Wanderlust, her beau Justin Theroux, her funny costar Paul Rudd and even her No. 1 red-carpet rule!

“The main thing that was so refreshing for me was being in Clarksville, Georgia. You felt this weight lifted off of your shoulders,” Jen reveals about the laid back location for the Wanderlust set.

Jen even sets rumors straight about where her romance with Justin really began, despite the fact that they both starred in the movie together!

“Nothing happened on that movie, it’s the easy rumor. Nothing happened, we were just friends. I have known Justin a long time,” she disclosed. “He is great, he’s a great actor.”

Jen goes on to chat about her newfound love behind the camera discussing her upcoming directing projects, but we all know though that when the actress is in front of the cameras or on a red carpet, she is always looking her absolute best. So what is her secret?

“You sparkle. don’t let the dress out sparkle you,” Jen says of her top style rule.

For the full GMA interview with Jen, click the video above and check out her film Wanderlust, hitting theaters worldwide Friday, Feb, 24.