Nicki Minaj Before She Was Famous! (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj Before and After

We're used to seeing Nicki Minaj in her outlandish stage uniforms -- but there was a time before the heavy makeup, big wigs and over-the-top fashions. 

Last night, the old Nicki made a comeback! A leaked version of "Dirty Money" hit the web (below), giving a taste of her old school style before the fame. Warning: The unreleased track is NSFW.


The video is a far cry from her performance at the Grammys, in which elaborate staging and costumes while Nicki channeled her alter ego Roman while belting out her new song “Roman Holiday.” The performance also featured an exorcism. 

Although it took some criticism, it certainly wasn't boring! Watch the full performance below: 



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  • Mz.NickiMinaj:)

    Stacy, your just jealous because YOU have no talent and she made it and you didn't. Don't hate on her. Your one of her bad bitches aren't you? Just go look at the lyrics of her video "Did it on 'em". She referring to you, her HATERZ for realz though. What are you alittle lil kim fan. You probably on her butt all day long! Don't be such a hater lil girl. Theres a reason why nicki minaj is the number 1 rapper in the world. Nicki Minaj never changed. Ever since she was a part of Young Money she was always theat colorful funny and awesome lyriced girl. Get over your self. You couldn't sell a record to save your life. Not even your mom would by the record.

  • Mz.NickiMinaj:)

    Lol, she doesn't look fabulous without makeup but she is still pretty. I just wanna know how she get all them cra-z wigs, like damn, f*** everything everyone says about them. They are faboo!

  • peachcup 55
    peachcup 55

    she looks really ugly,terrible,horrible, before like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(EEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHLLL LLLLL)

  • eddie

    she look real good


    Did she seriously say, "Look at the state of Hip Hop?"...SMH! Sell out!

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill

    Okay honestly I bet Nicki Minaj has some star quality- I mean everybody does. But people shouldn't be forced to sing because they have a pretty face. They should sing because they like it. And who knows maybe Nicki is good without all the makeup., clothes, wigs, and plastic surgery. She doesn't need to be singing because she isn't that great. I mean all she uses it autotune and you can tell. She can rap and she is pretty without everything else but she needs to get her priorities straight and really think if she wants to do this.

  • Stacy

    She must had mad sex skills for her to have put out a record. She is terrible. Lousy voice, stupid lyrics. She had to fuck her way onto a record label. Talent didn't.

  • Coynesha Sims
    Coynesha Sims

    ii mhiss dhaa old nikki but shidd she had to do what she had to do like help her mother ,, out iii have alot of respect forr nikki minaj yoo andd dhatt Roman Video wazz soo freakiin hard like i loved watchiing it but ppl gonna hate her because she making its like whyy df yall wnt respect her like damnn brahh she still the old nikki deep down yall think cause she where alot of make up and crazyyy clothes i mean what yall exspect she's nikki minaj and she aiint finna change she has been through alot and must of us teen girlz can relate too what she benn thu ! # NIKKI FAN

  • lexi

    I loved the old Nicki, now I can't stand her! She looks like a clown now!

  • yeah...

    I love this. I miss the Old Nicki. I mean I love the new Nicki with her crazy, outlandish voices and facial expressions and the whole Roman thing. I think all of that is great. But sometimes it's nice to see the Old Nicki and remember where she came from. Also, I'd like to point out the line "Who's ya best MC's? Nick, Fox, and Kim." That seems like she's paying homage to me. Just saying.

  • readyred

    She is pretty with or with out make-up. some ppl have it some dont

  • hihu

    Bitch ugly behind all that make-up!