Nicki Minaj Before She Was Famous! (PHOTO)

Nicki Sings at VS Fashion Show
Ms. Minaj sings at Victoria Secret 2011 Fashion Show
Nicki Busts Out
Minaj flaunts her curves at 2011 AMA's nominees press conference.
Crazy Nicki Wigs!
Check out Nicki's multi-colored blonde wig.
We’re used to seeing Nicki Minaj in her outlandish stage uniforms — but there was a time before the heavy makeup, big wigs and over-the-top fashions. 

Last night, the old Nicki made a comeback! A leaked version of “Dirty Money” hit the web (below), giving a taste of her old school style before the fame. Warning: The unreleased track is NSFW.

The video is a far cry from her performance at the Grammys, in which elaborate staging and costumes while Nicki channeled her alter ego Roman while belting out her new song “Roman Holiday.” The performance also featured an exorcism. 

Although it took some criticism, it certainly wasn’t boring! Watch the full performance below: 

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