Report: Robert Pattionson Sinks Teeth Into $6.3 Million for Hollywood Hills Estate (PHOTOS)

It may not be Castle Dracula, but it's home to Robert Pattinson. The actor reportedly dropped $6.3 million on this sprawling Hollywood Hills estate recently. 

The Spanish Colonial-style residence is tucked behind a wall and security gate for privacy. The pad features several gardens, terraces, an amphitheater, plus a swimming pool!

Originally built in 1921, the mansion is the former home of Tim Curry

While he's buying, another star is selling! Christina Aguilera put her multi-million dollar home on the market, showing the lavish decor in a recent real estate listings. 



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    Buddy Luv

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  • lolly

    Everyone is reporting it was $4million and in Los Feliz, not the Hollywood Hills. And for people thinking he paid too much, he's paying for privacy. He and Kristen are one of the most stalked couples in Hollywood right now, they need a retreat where they can get away from it all.

  • me.

    I was talking about Kim Kardashian's house though.

  • Jen

    wow TRH37 your a sickooo. please stop thats creepy

  • TRH37

    Also, when Rob/Kristen family is visiting from London..etc.,or just Friends in general. If this really is his/hers then I'm very happy for them. Wish them lots of LOVE and HAPPINESS together FOREVER! xoxo

  • TRH37

    Hopefully, Rob and Kristen bought it together for the 3 million....and plan to have lots of children to fill it. xoxo

  • me.

    why would anyone need to live in a house this big given they live by themselves???

  • xxx

    It was 3 Million

  • Stephanie Steban
    Stephanie Steban

    Nice! but he could've bought a bigger and better house than that than wasting 6.3 million on a small mansion