Bob Harper Covers Men’s Fitness Magazine! (PHOTOS)

Bob's 5 Tips
Celebuzz chats with Bob Harper
Looking good Bob Harper! The Biggest Loser coach, who is currently filming the 13th season of NBC’s hit show, is on the cover of Men’s Fitness and he looks damn fine.

In the new issue Bob talks about the latest work out regimen he fully endorses: CrossFit.

“I’ve been a trainer for a long time and I’ve always built my workouts around circuit training, but jumping into CrossFit was like jumping into the deep end of a pool. I used to do long sessions all the time, and my body started to get beat up. But with CrossFit, it’s almost like my body is finally getting a chance to rest while at the same time I’m pushing it harder than I’ve ever pushed it.”

Bob had even more to prove when he walked in those doors, hoping to show everyone he’s not just some TV trainer looking for an easy paycheck. Bob recounts: 

“The owner told me, ‘When you first walked in, I hated you.’ I said, ‘How could you hate me? You didn’t even know me.’ And he said, “Because you’ve got the job every trainer wants.’  ”

Pick up the issue, out now!