Daniel Radcliffe Speaks Out on Gay Rights

Daniel's Evolution
From tiny Potter tot to grown-up Broadway star.
Ending homophobia may take a little magic. The most famous wizard in the world is taking the issue head on — Expecto Patronum!

The Trevor project will debut a new PSA starring Daniel Radcliffe during tonight’s season finale of Glee, and the Harry Potter star is sounding off about his involvement in the cause.

“The fact that I am straight shows that straight people care about this as well,” he tells BulletMedia.com. You don’t necessarily have to be gay to take an interest. This is the one thing I am probably most passionate about.”

The actor has made his affection for several female celebs quite public recently, revealing on Watch What Happens Live which celebrity he’d stalk and which celeb’s bedroom he’d visit if he could cast an invisibility spell.

He confessed to wanting to stalk singer Katy Perry and says he’d spy on actress Scarlett Johansson –- though he admitted it’s only “because otherwise I reckon I wouldn’t get in there.”